Sun Fading Window Film at a Home in San Francisco, California

Nov 23, 2021 2:03:18 PM

Project Details


San Francisco, California

Type of Film:

Sun Fading Window Film

Square Feet of Project:

258 sf.

Installation Time:

8 hours of install

Sun Fading Window Film in San Francisco, California

Solar Art installed sun fading window film to a home in San Francisco, California, to protect books from sun fading. We get a lot of calls from homeowners in the bay area who experience high heat and glare levels. But we also get a lot of homeowners who are frustrated because their furniture, hardwood floors, and valuable belongings are getting damaged from sun fading. Homeowners feel like they have to keep their blinds/shades shut and have their home be very dark to try and protect their items from sun fading. Not only does this keep your home dark and uninviting, but you also lose all of your views outside. What homeowners don’t know is that all window film blocks 99% of ultraviolet rays. Yes, you heard that right. Keep on reading to learn more about protecting your belongings from sun fading as this homeowner did!

Solar Art's Goals

Solar Art’s primary goal for this project was to help the customer find a window film solution that protected their belongings from ultraviolet rays. In order to find out exactly what the homeowner was looking for the window film to do, our sales representative from our San Francisco office met with the customer at their home. While onsite with the homeowner, our representative learned that they had a window film installed years back that did help with sun fading. They were interested in seeing what other opinions are available to see if they want the same window film installed or a new one. The homeowner explained that they are looking for a window film that protects against sun fading without drastically changing the look of the home or compromising their views outside.

Sun Fading Window Film in San Francisco, California 

Solar Art's Suggestions

After meeting with the homeowner and figuring out what he was looking for specifically, our sales representative showed him a few window film samples so he could see what is available on the market. Our sales representative showed the homeowner samples of window films that will not only protect his books from sun fading but won’t change the look of the home and won’t compromise views outside. Our sales representative let the customer know that the window film they previously had installed is a great fit for what they are looking for, and he suggested that they get a fresh layer of the same window film installed.

What the Customer Chose

After the customer saw the different options that are available and heard our sales representative’s suggestions, he was ready to make a decision. He decided to install the same window film he previously had because it checked off everything he was looking for. The window film installed is called 3M Prestige 50. This sun-fading window film blocks 99.9& of ultraviolet rays, 97% of infrared rays, 56% of heat, and 44% of glare. It is going to extend the lifespan of the homeowner’s books by prolonging sun fading. Not only does this window film protect against sun fading, but it is also going to make the home cooler and more energy efficient. 

Results of the Window Film Installation

Overall, this installation ended up being 258 square feet of window film and took one of our installers 8 hours to complete. In addition to sun fading window film and solar film, Solar Art services decorative window film, window graphics, wall graphics, anti-graffiti film, and security window film to homes in San Francisco daily. If you are interested in learning more about sun fading window film or think it would be a good fit for your home, click the link below to start working with our team! 


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