Window Graphics at a San Diego Home

Jan 26, 2022 10:09:53 AM

Project Details


Vista, California

Type of Film:

Window Graphics

Square Feet of Project:


Installation Time:

2 Hours

Window Graphics in Vista, California

In our past case studies, we have talked a lot about window graphics and wall graphics in commercial settings. Solar Art frequently installs our custom graphics in commercial spaces to help brand/advertise the business, add a custom design, or install the company mission statement or values to be on display. What about residential settings? We also install both window graphics and wall graphics in homes for different reasons. The customer in this case study is an example of where we installed window graphics in a home. Keep reading to learn about how we helped this homeowner in Vista, California, create window graphics to match a piece of furniture in the home!

Solar Art's Goals

Our goals for this installation were to meet with the homeowner at the home to learn about why they are interested in window film and to see how we could best help them. To do this, one of our sales representatives met with the customer onsite to take a look at the glass in question and learn the details of the project. The homeowner explained that they have a lamp in the home that they love and want to replicate the design with window film to be installed on a window in the kitchen for increased privacy.

Window Graphics in Vista, California

Solar Art's Suggestion:

After meeting with the customer, our sales representative agreed that window graphics were the best window film solution for this customer. From there, the customer worked closely with our graphics department to get the window graphics created and bring this vision to life!

What the Customer Chose

Our graphics department was given a photo of the lamp to recreate the pattern and the design for the window graphics. Once the artwork was created, our team sent the homeowner over a proof so that they could get an idea of what it was going to look like on their window. Once the proof is approved, we are ready to move forward with the installation! In residential settings, window graphics are often installed to increase privacy or add a custom design to the home. If the homeowner sells the house or decides they no longer want the window graphics, all they have to do is call Solar Art and get a quote to remove them. From there, our team will go back on site and remove the window graphics without any damage to the glass. Homeowners like window graphics for their homes, because it is a cost-effective solution that doesn’t have to be a permanent addition to their home.

Results of the Window Film Installation

This installation ended up being 40 square feet of window graphics and took a team of two installers 2 hours to complete. Overall, this installation was a success! The Solar Art team was able to help the customer recreate a design from a piece of their furniture and install it to the windows in their kitchen. In addition to window graphics and wall graphics, Solar Art also services solar film, decorative window film, anti-graffiti film, and security film to both residential and commercial settings up and down the West Coast. If you are interested in learning more about window graphics for your home or office, click the button below to start working with the Solar Art team!


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