Window Graphics at Princeton University

Jan 12, 2022 9:14:07 AM

Project Details


New Jersey

Type of Film:

Window Graphics

Square Feet of Project:

224 sf.

Installation Time:


Window Graphics in New Jersey

Solar Art installs custom graphics to commercial buildings every day. We write and talk about the details of these installations, and today, we have another window graphics installation, but this one is different. We recently supplied window graphics for Princeton University in New Jersey. We have offices up and down the West Coast, so how was this possible? Keep reading to learn the details of this window graphics installation and to see how the window graphics for Princeton turned out!

Before Window Graphics

Solar Art's Goals

Solar Art’s goals for this installation were to work with the project manager to see what they were looking for specifically and to see how we could help them. To do this, our operations manager and sales representative had phone conversations with the project manager to get more insight on this project since they are in New Jersey. While talking with the project manager, our team learned that they already had the artwork created and a team to do the installation, they just needed help printing the graphic and bringing their vision to life.

What the Customer Chose

The university wanted window graphics to be installed on conference room glass, names installed on doors, and a distraction pattern installed on a pair of doors. Since Solar Art has offices in Southern California, San Francisco, and Seattle, we typically only do local installations, but we do nationwide installations if there is a certain amount of square footage needed. Since this customer wasn’t looking for the installation and simply needed the custom graphics, we could help them make their vision a reality without having to be on the East Coast. Once our team knew the specific details about the project, our graphics department worked closely with the project manager to make it happen! When it comes to window graphics, you have the flexibility to create anything you want. From distraction patterns to advertising/branding, to adding a custom design, the sky's the limit! When done by a professional company, window graphics can be removed with no damage to your glass surface if you no longer need/want them. 

After Window Graphics

Results of the Window Film Installation

This installation ended up being 224 square feet of window graphics. Solar Art was happy we got the opportunity to do this job because we were able to help a customer make their vision a reality while being on the other side of the country. In addition to window graphics, Solar Art also services wall graphics, decorative window film, solar film, anti-graffiti film, and window security film. If you are interested in learning more about window graphics for your commercial space, click the button below to start working with the Solar Art team! 


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