Window Graphics at a Cheerleading Gym

Jan 19, 2022 12:26:48 PM

Project Details


Anaheim, California

Type of Film:

Window Graphics

Square Feet of Project:


Installation Time:

8 Hours

Window Graphics in Anaheim, California

Custom graphics are one of the most frequently installed kinds of window film that Solar Art installs. We are fortunate enough to have our own in-house graphics department that allows us to easily make our customer’s vision a reality. The installation we did in this case study is a window graphics installation that we installed at a cheerleading gym in Anaheim, California. The storefront of the gym is made out of large pieces of glass that allow people walking by to see right into the gym. The owner of the gym was looking for a way to increase privacy in the storefront. Keep reading to learn more about how we helped solve their privacy issue with window graphics!

Window Graphics in Anaheim, California

Solar Art's Goals

Solar Art’s goals for this project were to learn more about the issues the customer was having and to see how window film could help solve them. To do this, one of our expert sales representatives out of our Orange County office, met with the owner of the gym on-site to take a look at the glass in question. While onsite, the business owner explained that privacy was the biggest concern, but that they were interested in learning about the different types of available window film and the benefits that they offer. From there, our sales representative explained the different options they have, one of which was custom graphics. The customer was interested in custom graphics and thought it might be a good fit for the gym because they also like the idea of branding the gym for everyone to see as they walk or drive by.

Solar Art's Suggestion:

After meeting with the business owner at the gym, our sales representative suggested window graphics for the storefront. First and foremost, window graphics are going to increase privacy. Secondly, with window graphics, the customer has the ability to create any image or design they want in order to advertise the gym.

What the Customer Chose

After meeting with our Orange County sales representative and learning about the different options available, the customer agreed that window graphics are the best option for their situation. They decided to get window graphics installed on the entire storefront of the gym. Since they have the option to create whatever they want, they decided to print pictures of members of their gym to be installed. This increases privacy and brands the gym by allowing people walking or driving by to get a glimpse of what the gym is all about. The customer worked closely with our graphics department to get them the photos they wanted to be installed so we could make their vision a reality. If the gym moves locations or decides they no longer want the window graphics, all they have to do is call up Solar Art and we can get them over a quote to remove the window graphics with no damage to the glass.

Window Graphics in Anaheim, California

Results of the Window Film Installation

The installation ended up taking two of our installers 8 hours to complete. The customer was pleased with the outcome of the installation because we were successfully able to help them increase privacy and add a custom design to the gym. In addition to window graphics, Solar Art also services solar film, decorative window film, wall graphics, anti-graffiti film, and window security film. If you are interested in learning more about window graphics or think it would be a good fit for your commercial space, click the link below to start working with the Solar Art team! 


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