Window Graphics at a Building in San Diego, California

Nov 16, 2021 1:21:01 PM

Project Details


San Diego, California

Type of Film:

Window Graphics

Square Feet of Project:

79 sf.

Installation Time:

8 hours of install

Window Graphics in San Diego, California

Business owners, are you looking for a way to brand your business or add a custom design to bare walls or glass? If so, we have the perfect product for you! Window graphics and wall graphics are a cost-effective and easy way to brand/advertise your business or add a custom design for your employees and customers. Check out this case study to read about installation where Solar Art installed window graphics to a building in San Diego, California!

Solar Art's Goals

Solar Art has an in-house graphics department that handles all our window graphic and wall graphic installations. When it comes to window graphics and wall graphics, you can create anything you want. If you already have the design created, our graphics department can print it and help you bring your vision to life. If you don’t have the design created and you aren’t sure what you are looking for exactly, our graphics team can help you through every step of the way to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for. In this situation, the business owner already had the artwork created, and she simply needed our team to print and install it to the glass in their office. Solar Art’s goals were to do just that! Help the customer make their vision for their office a reality.

Window Graphics in San Diego, California 

What the Customer Chose

This company is, “a leading supplier of high-performance analog and mixed-signal semiconductors and advanced algorithms” and the artwork they created reflects who they are as a business. They wanted a custom graphic that showed off who they are for their employees and customers to see daily. Like we talked about earlier, when it comes to window graphics and wall graphics, you can create anything you want. Solar Art frequently sees custom graphics being installed to businesses to advertise their hours of operation or the services they offer. We also see business owners install their company mission statement or values in the office as a reminder for their employees and customers of who they are and what they stand for. In addition to branding and advertising, you can install custom graphics simply as a decorative design. We have seen businesses install a tranquil wall mural in private offices or break rooms for employees to enjoy. Whatever you are looking for, we can create with custom graphics. Our graphics department will walk you through every step, making the process very simple for you as the customer. Business owners love custom graphics because they are an affordable solution and they can be removed if need be.

Results of the Window Film Installation

The business owner decided to install window graphics to a set of doors, two private offices, and sidelites throughout the office. This installation ended up being 79 square feet of window graphics and took one of our installers eight hours to complete. In addition to window graphics and wall graphics, Solar Art also services solar film, decorative window film, anti-graffiti film, and safety window film. If you are interested in learning more about window graphics for your office space, click the link below to start working with the Solar Art team! 


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