Decorative Film for Irvine Yoga Room

Jul 12, 2023 4:40:37 PM

Decorative Film Installed for Yoga Room

The Case

Solar Art installed decorative window film to a yoga studio in a new Irvine apartment complex. The yoga room directly overlooks the gym area. The client wanted to both create separation and add some privacy for the yoga studio. Thankfully they came to us to find the perfect solution.

Our Solution

Decorative film is completely customizable to suit each independent customer. While the customer wanted some privacy, they did not want to completely obscure the view of the yoga room. In addition, because the yoga room looks down onto the gym space, its height already lends additional privacy. Therefore, we created a dual deign on the decorative film: vertical striping and fading frost. The bottom of the film is completely frosted, creating the minimal privacy needed to block people looking up into the room. While the frost fades to the top, visibility becomes easier. The apartments going up are also very modern so to match this aesthetic, we worked with the client and found a design using a 3M gradient decorative film that would match the rest of their spaces. The vertical stripes did this perfectly. While the stripes also add privacy, they do not obscure the view for yogis.


If you want to learn more about window film, Matt explains the hardest aspect of film installs in this video: access. Whether the windows are simply blocked by furniture, or the crew needs lifts because the windows are high up, the logistics and planning require an experienced install crew. Thankfully Solar Art has been in the business since 1985 so we know how to make a window film installation seamless.

Our team is also highly detail oriented. With this specific installation, the yoga room had sheets of glass adjacent to each other. Because the windows aren’t in frames, the edges would not be covered by a silicone bead. Instead, we cut the edges of our film precisely for a clean look.

Want to Learn More About Decorative Film?

Decorative film is great for both commercial and residential spaces. Our clients can choose from a range of frosted window films to patterned window films. We also custom cut frosted film to include company logos. For homes, frosted film is perfect for adding privacy to bathroom spaces without detracting from the lighting.

We Have More!

While decorative film was the perfect solution for this customer, our range of films means that we have the perfect solution for every customer. Our arsenal includes solar films, anti graffiti films, custom graphics and exterior building wraps . Contact us today to start improving your space!


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