Security Film for MarkeTeam

May 3, 2023 10:22:01 AM

Security Film Installed at MarkeTeam

The Case

Solar Art installed security window film to MarkeTeam’s headquarters in Orange County, California. MarkeTeam has a gorgeous office with large windows. However, these large windows are not kind with the constant California heat and the windows allow anyone walking by to see into the space. Furthermore, the office had issues with past break-ins. Marketeam came to us to find the perfect solution to their problem.


Our Solution

We suggested a solar security film. Solar security film is thicker than the average window film, making it harder to break through. It increases the durability of your windows against force, like in the case of attempted break-ins. Furthermore, this film has both solar technology and tint built into it. The tint creates privacy while the solar technology blocks 99% of incoming UVA and UVB rays, rejects up to 75% heat, and reduces glare. When adding security film to an office space, our goal is to go a step further and also add comfort. By reducing the inside heat, the inside of your space stays cool and comfortable year round, while energy costs are reduced. Furthermore, less incoming glare means working on computers is easier.

Adding Privacy

Privacy was an important step in preventing further break-ins. The customer’s main concern was stopping street onlookers from being able to see inside and potentially scope out the office space, but they did not want to detract from the building’s façade either. Furthermore, they did not want their office to become a closed-off and stuffy space without sunlight. Due to this, we choose a gray tinted film.

In our range of privacy films, we have silver reflective window film, gray-tinted window film, reflective one-way mirror film, and blackout film. The tint we choose allows you to see out but obscures the outside view. The film does not block sunlight from coming in, but keeps the space nice, bright, and airy. The solar control aspect of the film means that the customer gets the light without the negative side effects like excess heat or fading furniture. Furthermore, applying this dark-tinted film to all the windows on the white building created a great contrast for a modern, sleek look.

security window film for company building

Old Window Film? No Problem!

The customer had window film previously installed on their windows. Thankfully window film is easily removable so we were able to quickly take off the former film and replace it with our security film. An important step in installing our security film was also adding silicone beading. Silicon beading seals our film and the window glass to the frame. If someone tries to force the glass in, that force is distributed out to the frame and the glass is stabilized because of the silicon beading.

Interested in Window Film?

Security film was the perfect solution for this customer’s needs but we have a lot of films in our arsenal. Whatever the problem, Solar Art can solve with window film. Our selection of solar films, anti graffiti films, custom graphics and exterior building wraps  means that we can custom fit our services to whatever you are looking for. Contact us today to start your next project!


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