Security Film Stopped Robbery to Storefront Business!

Sep 1, 2023 3:50:55 PM

Security Film Stopped Robbery!

What Happened?

Earlier this year, an individual attempted to rob a Gear Coop store. We had previously installed 12 Mil thick security film with a silicone bead attachment system to all of Gear Coop’s storefront windows at this location. In the attempted robbery, the individual shot the window, intending to use it as an entrance into the store. Instead, the window held firmly upright due to our window film. While the glass of the window shattered, all of those pieces were held firmly in place by our film and attachment system.  After the robber realized that breaking in through the windows was not possible, the individual fled.

security window film for storefront

Our security window film does not stop bullets, however it did prevent an armed individual from entering a store full of employees. Thankfully no one was injured and our film was able to stop this attack from escalating further than just a broken window.

“Your film saved us. Someone tried to shoot out a window and your film saved us.”- Tom Connell, Gear Coop President

What Film Did We Use?

Madico 12 Mil Safety and Security Film is a thick window film that is applied to the glass surface and then attached to the glass and window frame with a thick silicone bead. Our security films range from 3-14 Mil thick, depending on the needs of the customer. The thicker end of our security films are great at stopping intruders, attempts at forced entry, and will strengthen glass against natural disasters like earthquakes and hurricanes. The time it takes to get through our film allows for time to call the police and get to safety.

More Security Options

Solar Art also carries DefenseLite® security products, including BulletShield. BulletShield is a patented clear polycarbonate shield, designed to stop bullets. While more expensive than security film, it does offer impressive ballistic resistance at a fraction of the cost of bullet-proof glass.

Both security window film and defense glazing delay intruder entry and prevent robbery. Though only BulletShield will stop a bullet, in this instance, security window film was all that was needed to stop a robbery from happening and protect the employees from a hostile individual.

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