Security Film for St. Thomas School

May 3, 2023 10:07:57 AM

Security Film Installed at St. Thomas School

The Case

Solar Art installed security film to St. Thomas School. The school was looking for a way to make its entrances and exits safer, while adding some privacy. We recommended tinted 3M S800 safety film that is specifically designed to prolong forced entry.

What is Security Film?

Windows are a weak spot in any security system. Our film works to correct that. Security film is a thick window adhesive that helps to fortify window glass and acts as an extra barrier. With this film, it is harder for intruders to break in through your windows. If the glass does shatter, our film holds all the pieces intact, protecting teachers, administrators, and students from flying glass.

Adding Privacy

The school specifically looked to enhance the security of the school’s entrance and exit points. The school’s main front doors are surrounded by glass on all sides so along with recommending a security film, we also suggested a tint. The 3M Ultra series security film comes in a variety of tints- completely clear, gray, one-way mirror- but all help to protect and strengthen glass if someone hits it. We thought it would be prudent to add an extra layer of privacy to the entrance and exit points and the school agreed. They decided on a gray tint that still allows 70% of light transmittance but makes it more difficult for people to see into the school from outside.

3M Safety Film - St Thomas School - Medina

Interested in Window Film?

Security film was the perfect solution to increase this school’s security. Besides security film, we provide solar films, anti graffiti films, custom graphics and exterior building wraps . Whatever your commercial or residential needs, we can work with you to find the perfect solution like we did for St. Thomas School. Contact us today so we can complete your vision!


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