Security Film for Shopping Mall

Mar 9, 2023 6:04:11 AM

Security Film at South Coast Plaza

What is Security Film?

Security film is a thick window adhesive that can help defend your windows against break-ins. It is perfect for protecting store fronts. Solar Art recently installed security film to several stores at South Coast Plaza in Orange County. If you want to learn how security film is going to help protect these stores, keep reading.

The Case

South Coast Plaza is home to many high-end retail stores. Our clients wanted to make sure their stores were protected against vandalism, scratching, and attempted burglaries.

Our solution

While we do have anti-graffiti film that would protect your glass against graffiti, scratching, and etching, we thought that our security film would be a better fit. Security film is a very thick window adhesive that acts as a protective barrier against the outside. Our security films come in three thicknesses: 3-4 Mil, 7-8Mil, and 13-14Mil. For this case, we used our thickest high security film. This film is hard to destroy or get through, greatly prolonging the time it takes to get through the glass and giving you the time necessary to call the police. It also protects well against bats and hammers. If someone does manage to smash the window, our film keeps shattered glass intact so that none will go flying inside and hurt anyone.


Interested in Security Film?

Security film is great for all storefronts in high traffic areas. This film comes in completely clear to reflective, for increased privacy. This film also has our solar technology, so it helps block UV light, keeping your store cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter while also protecting any merchandize from sun damage like fading. If security film is not what you are looking for, we also have  solar film, anti graffiti film, custom graphics and exterior building wraps .We currently work out of the San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Phoenix, and Dallas areas. Speak to one of our project managers today to get a free quote on your next project!


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