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Security Film Makes Banks Safer

Improving Bank Security 

In this day and age, security and safety are on everyone’s minds. When it comes to banks, while we rely on virtual security methods to protect our money and information in the digital realm, the buildings themselves are at risk if they have glass windows. Banks are targets not only for their financial holdings, but also because the computers’ contain confidential information about customers and the bank itself. It takes only one break-in and all of that information could be compromised.

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How to Make Your Storefront More Secure

Increase Safety in Your Business

 Glass storefront windows are a major boon to business, as potential shoppers can see your window dressings and what you offer inside. The natural light they let in is another bonus, and styling the office around your windows can be fun.

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How to Get Rid of Blinds and Enjoy Your View

Alternatives to Blinds

When it comes to decorating our homes, large windows are often a focal point. They let in sunlight to boost our mood and save on lighting costs, as well as letting us enjoy the scenery around us. Unfortunately, windows also let in the sun’s heat, which can cause a room to get very hot. Because of this, blinds are one of the most common ways to keep out the sun’s heat and save on AC costs.

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5 Ways to Dress Up White Walls

5 Ways to Dress Up White Walls

  • Wall murals
  • Acrylic signs
  • Word art
  • Custom logos/graphics
  • Decorative window film

Renovate Your Space Affordably 

Bright, vibrant walls make such a difference in an office. It makes the space feel warm and inviting for customers and employees. However, renovating areas can get very expensive, very quickly. Even the simplest updates can get pricey. Here are five easy and affordable ways to dress up your white walls:

How to Prevent Intruders

Keep Your Home & Commercial Building Safe 

Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, windows are highly desirable. They create natural light and great views, making our environment more enjoyable. Windows are also a great way to let customers see what you sell, help you craft a unique vibe in your store, and are key for designing displays for window shopping.

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Increasing School Safety with Security Window Film

Ways to Improve School Safety 

Unfortunately, as a result of recent events, school safety is an area of concern. Keeping children safe at school is priority #1. Coming up with steps to avoid incidents that have happened in the past from occurring in the future is very important. "Building blocks of a school security plan" discusses several different preventative measures in the case of an emergency, window film being one of them. The article discusses installing locks on doors, limiting the amount of entry and exit locations and strong visitor management as just a few different ways to improve safety. Installing security window film is another simple and cost efficient way to improve school safety that most people are not familiar with. 

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