How to Prevent Intruders

August 6, 2018

Keep Your Home & Commercial Building Safe 

Keep your storefront safe

Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, windows are highly desirable. They create natural light and great views, making our environment more enjoyable. Windows are also a great way to let customers see what you sell, help you craft a unique vibe in your store, and are key for designing displays for window shopping.


Prevent break ins

Unfortunately, they also pose as serious security and safety risks. Forced entry makes up more than half of all burglaries, with glass doors and windows being common entry points. One blow can leave your entire home or business vulnerable to intruders -- not to mention the mess and expense left in the aftermath.

Other Options

Window bars to prevent intruders

The core of the issue is that glass is weak. A few conventional methods for strengthening glass include installing tempered glass or laminated glass. Break-in alarms are popular but only alert you after the fact, and don’t prevent the break-in from happening in the first place. Locks just secure the frames but don’t strengthen glass. Window bars can be unsightly and ruin the aesthetic of your home or business. In the end, replacing entire glass panels or installing new security systems is expensive, time-consuming, and ugly. It should be easier to make our homes and businesses safer.

Solar Art's Safety & Security Film

Feel safe in your space with security window filmThe good news is that it is possible to work with your existing windows without the investment of laminated glass, locks, bars, or security systems. Solar Art offers security window film that comes in various thicknesses. Security film helps reinforce your glass surfaces, increasing their strength. Security film also helps keep glass in tact, which minimizes glass shattering on the ground, making clean up easier and safer for you. You can choose between clear, non-tinted film to allow customers to see inside, or opt for tinted security film to conceal your valuables.

Tinted window film also blocks the sun’s heat to reduce energy costs. All of Solar Art’s security films block 99% of the sun’s UV light -- regardless if you choose clear or tinted, you will reap the benefits of a cooler home or business while making your glass surfaces more secure against intruders. Install security film and feel comfortable and safe in the environments you spend the majority of your day. 

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