5 Ways to Dress Up White Walls

August 8, 2018

5 Ways to Dress Up White Walls

  • Wall murals
  • Acrylic signs
  • Word art
  • Custom logos/graphics
  • Decorative window film

Renovate Your Space Affordably 

Bright, vibrant walls make such a difference in an office. It makes the space feel warm and inviting for customers and employees. However, renovating areas can get very expensive, very quickly. Even the simplest updates can get pricey. Here are five easy and affordable ways to dress up your white walls:

Wall Murals:

Custom wall mural

Wall murals give you the flexibility to choose whatever scene you would like. Whether it's a scenic nature image or your favorite travel location, choose the vibe you want to set for your space.  Simply send us your artwork or work with our in-house graphics team to get exactly what you are looking for! 

Acrylic Signs:

If you are looking for something that might stand out a little more, acrylic signs are a great option. They are a modern and elegant way to brand your business. Print your logo or an image onto an acrylic base and our team will install the base right to the wall!

Word Art:

Word art for offices

Inspirational and motivational quotes are becoming increasingly popular in office settings. Choose your favorite quote, your core values or your mission statement to install on a wall or window to keep employees uplifted and motivated throughout the day. When installed professionally, it won't fall off or get crooked and will look professional for years to come! 


Custom Logos and Graphics:

Wall logo

Custom logos and graphics making branding your company easy. Install your logo on a door, wall or conference room to promote business and make employees feel like they belong. 

Decorative Window Film:

Decorative window film is a great way to create distraction on glass or increase privacy in a chic and modern way. Choose from a variety of designs such as stripes, frosting, and other geometric shapes to perfect your space and draw attention away from those bare white walls! 

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