Why Investing in Anti-Graffiti Film is Essential

November 9, 2017

Why Anti-Graffiti Film 

graffiti film to protect glass
A storefront or government building maintained with public funds can become devastated by graffiti. With a few mere sprays from a can of paint or scratches with a knife, glass quickly becomes unsightly and expensive to repair. Graffiti can put a dent in already thin profit margins. It may also make customers feel uncomfortable. Cities regularly spend millions to clean up graffiti. The act also creates an environment of fear and unease in neighborhoods that are normally friendly and welcoming. While it's tough to stop people from creating graffiti, commercial businesses and nonprofits can use anti-graffiti film to prevent damage to glass. 

Benefits of Graffiti Film

Graffiti on windows
Anti-graffiti film can be installed on windows, glass or mirrors, and does not obstruct the view. It adds a layer of protection without risking any loss of business due to dark windows or shaded glass. It provides business owners with an affordable, easy-to-manage solution that eliminates the need to replace glass. 
The film takes on the damage from paint, scratching and other surface abrasions. It does not stop the activity but protects the glass underneath. If the film needs to be replaced, a store owner or city representative just has to call the installation company to have the film removed and replaced . 
The financial outlay to install and, when necessary, replace the film is a fraction of the cost of replacing glass. The benefits go beyond dollars and cents. The film offers complete visibility for passersby and regular building users while also provides protection from sunlight to items inside the building or store. Thanks to the 99-percent UV rejection, there's little risk of color fading on inventory or to internal design elements.

Risks of Vandalism That May Be Prevented

Llumar anti graffiti film
Without the security of the anti-graffiti film, building owners and managers expose themselves to the results of vandalism. There is a cost associated with removing broken or scratched glass, and replacing it. It's not always possible to get same-day service from glass repair companies, so you may have to go several days with unsightly damage to front windows that showcase products.
There is a potential loss of revenue because of an inability to see product from the street and reduced walk-in traffic. In addition, new customers may incorrectly believe that shop owners are not taking the time to repair their premises. Anti-graffiti film solves this problem because repair is as simple as replacing it.
You do not have to accept the status quo when it comes to damage caused by graffiti. You can take steps to protect your business and prevent harm to your reputation. If you have any questions about window films, anti-graffiti products or window tinting prices, contact Solar Art today.
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