5 Custom Decorative Window Film Ideas You Need for Your Office

November 6, 2017

5 Decorative Window Film Ideas for Your Office

1. Gradient window film

2. Patterned window film

3. Wall graphics & window graphics

4. Decorative window film

5. Advertising your business with custom graphics

5 Decorative Window Film Ideas for Your Office

Decorative window film is a cost effective and simple way to personalize your office space. Solar Art has a number of different products you can choose from to enhance your business. Decorative window film can be used to customize a space, increase privacy or even help with marketing and branding. Solar Art's custom products use a combination decorative window film and custom cut graphics to make your space just how you want it! We came up with five different ways decorative window film and custom graphics can be incorporated throughout your office:

1. Gradient window film

Gradient window film

Gradient window film is a great way to get privacy in your office space. Gradient window film is generally opaque on one end and becomes increasingly clearer. You can choose to have the opaque portion at the top or bottom of the glass, or you can even make a custom gradient window film. With gradient window film you will be able to see that there are people in the room, but you won't be able to tell who they are or what they are doing. This is perfect for those spaces where you need an extra bit of privacy and want a basic design that will also have a timeless appeal.

2. Patterned window film

Patterned window film

Patterned window film looks professional and can help to set the stage for business meetings and even private offices. Patterned window film is great because you have so many option to choose from. Stripes can be large, small, or even varying sizes. They are great for obscuring what is happening inside of a glass-walled space. This gives business owners a classy way to give employees some space and privacy. If stripes are too simple for you, try dots or perhaps a grid design to bring your own personal style to your office environment. Regardless of what pattern or design you choose, patterned window film increases privacy and can easily be removed with no damage to the glass surface. 

3. Wall graphics & window graphics

Wall graphics and window graphics

If you are not interested in stripes, dots or gradients, another option is to install window graphics or wall graphics. Window graphics and wall graphics are essentially wall murals where you can create anything you like. Put up an entire forest scene to bring the depths of nature onto your glass wall, or perhaps a beach scene will be a calming addition for your high-pressure environment. Anything you can imagine can be created with custom graphics and it can certainly make a statement!

4. Decorative window film

Decorative window film

Decorative window film is another direction you can go with for your office. Decorative window film is very similar to patterned film. You can choose a solid film or a more colorful and fun film. You can try a unique product called 3M Dichroic Blaze film. It will turn any room into a psychedelic experience. This special film appears to turn all different colors, depending on the angle you are looking at it from. It's a way to turn a boring room into a colorful space and add a bit of spice to your office. If you want something a bit calmer, there are also single color films available in any color of the rainbow, or a standard frosted window film to make a statement in any space. 

5. Advertise your business with custom graphics

Advertise your business with window film

Window film can also brand and advertise your business. Your company logo is everything! If you're in the market for some privacy film, consider including your logo with a simple frosted window film design. Those who visit your office will know exactly where they are and the services you provide. Frosted window film can also create a relaxed feeling and welcoming environment. Pair that with some nice indoor plants and modern furniture, and you have the makings of a beautiful space that will be conducive to lots of hard work.

You can even have your logo custom cut out of vinyl and applied to any glass surfaces such as the front door of your business or windows facing a busy street. People need to know where they are and having the logo displayed on your storefront is something proprietors should consider for their businesses to increase the effectiveness of branding and bring in potential customers.

Solar Art Window Film

So there you have it. Five different ways window film can add a decorative factor to any office. Solar Art installs each of these five things every single day. If you think any of these options will be a good fit for your office, Solar Art can help you get exactly what you are looking for! 

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