How to Increase Office Productivity

December 5, 2017

4 Ways to Increase Office Productivity 

1. Window film

2. Blue light

3. Custom graphic window film

4. Don't be sedentary 

4 Ways to Increase Office Productivity

Being a business owner, you know how important employee motivation is. With that being said, office productivity is crucial. Offices today are much different than they used to be and office productivity is easier than ever. There are several ways to do this, but Solar Art has come up with a list of four cost effective and simple things to help with office productivity:

1. Window film to increase office productivity

Window film to increase office productivity

Modern offices tend to have large floor to ceiling glass windows. While this gives your office a beautiful, clean look and lets in a ton of natural light, it can be a distraction to your employees. The light can be blinding and cause annoying glare on computer screens. In addition to the annoying heat, the more sunlight that comes into the room, the warmer the room becomes. Not only is this uncomfortable for your employees, it also wreaks havoc on your electricity bill. Window films are a great solution to these problems. Solar film reduces heat, reduces glare and blocks 99% of harmful UVA and UVB rays, making your office more energy-efficient! 

2. Blue light to increase employee productivity

blue light to increase office productivity

According to a MBA @ UNC article, blue light in your office can increase employee productivity. Blue light has been clinically found to “decrease depression and improve mood, energy, alertness and productivity.” It lowers the amount of serotonin your brain produces, which will help your employees stay awake and alert throughout the work day. Blue light comes from the natural sunlight outside, so if your office has a lot of windows, you’ll want to make sure that sunlight comes inside. Remember, using window films to reduce the glare will not affect the effectiveness of the blue light. If you don’t have as many windows, you can add blue light bulbs to have a similar result.

3. Custom graphics to motivate workers

Custom graphics to increase office productivity

It’s important to stimulate your employee’s creativity if you want to motivate them effectively. Try adding custom graphics throughout your office to achieve this. You have the flexibility to create any graphic you want! This can include things like inspirational quotes, pictures of landscapes, beautiful skylines or your favorite vacation spot. It may seem silly, but having motivational quotes around can truly inspire your employees to work harder. Having images of cities from around the world can not only be motivating, but can also help employees feel comfortable and at home in their work environment. 

4. Don’t be sedentary the entire day 

Stand up desk to increase office productivity

Solar Art Window Film

Working in an office has many pros, but also has many cons. Office work tends to keep people sedentary, which is not healthy for your body. If you want your employees to be more productive, healthy and awake during working hours, standing desks are a great option. They allow employees the flexibility to stand as sit as much as they please during the working day. You can also take a break from work and take a walk, do some aerobics, yoga and stretches, or whatever works for your office. 

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