How to Increase Your Home's Value

January 28, 2019

Best Home Improvements to Increase Value

Best home improvements to increase value

The real estate market is competitive, and having the edge on your competition is critical to finding the perfect buyer. Upgrading your home can seem intimidating, but the effort has great potential to increase your home’s value dramatically. Solar Art’s in the business of home improvement, and we have come up with a few tips to help make your journey easier before you sell:

Install heat blocking window film

More homeowners are concerned with being energy efficient than ever before, as those homes pose significant financial savings and are also eco-friendly solutions. Installing heat blocking window film is an easy and affordable way to enhance your glass windows’ performance year-round. Better yet, they aren’t noticeable unless you want them to be. Imagine surprising potential buyers with a bonus they didn’t even know was there!

Upgrade your bathroom and kitchen

Upgrade your bathroom and kitchen

Certain areas of the home require extra attention when upgrading, and the bathrooms and kitchen are primary targets. They get daily use and are also focal points for entertaining. If your bathroom or kitchen is stuck in the past decade or has outdated amenities, upgrade it with a fresh coat of paint, trendy-but-classic amenities like cupboards and faucets, and update your flooring. A few simple steps can make a huge difference.

Have a consistent color theme throughout your home

While our homes are our creative paradise, your rooms’ color schemes are prime suspects for turning off potential buyers. Getting used to our kids rooms, seldomly-used extra bedrooms, and bathrooms all being different colors and shades is easy. A potential buyer, on the other hand, sees a mishmash of hues and shades and that means more work for them. Choose a single color scheme of complementary, harmonious colors for your walls, window frames, and flooring. Removing that distraction will help your home will feel bigger and more coherent.

Incorporate custom wallpaper with wall graphics

Custom wallpaper with wall graphics

On the other hand, sparking your buyers’ imagination can do the trick as well. Tastefully-placed custom wallpaper in funky places like the kitchen is a great way to add some spark. Custom graphics also easily takes the place of more expensive interior treatments, like stone back splashes, removing brick accents, or expensive damage repair. It is also easily removable if it needs to be. Solar Art can print any custom graphic you want in your home!

Add a room, or remove a wall

Finally, expanding your home is another easy way to add value. Maybe add a room to a small house, divide up a big space for privacy, or remove a wall to update an older floor-plan. And don’t think in terms of just solid walls! Consider interior glass walls or window panes, open breezeway shelves as space dividers, and adaptable space with concealed doors. 

Solar Art Window Film

Don’t leave your home’s selling value up to chance! Invest in small steps like these to enhance your home’s appeal and attract more buyers in this competitive market. Talk to Solar Art today about your first step by improving your home’s windows and interior design!

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