How to Transform Your Space with Office Wall Murals

January 3, 2018

Transform Your Office With Wall Murals

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Traditionally, offices are decorated to avoid distractions, but studies now show that this isn’t the best idea when it comes to productivity and motivation. In fact, adding a little distraction in the form of removable wall murals can actually improve your office space in multiple ways. Office wall murals are a simple method of changing up a room and they can be removed when you need to leave. Switch out your removable wall murals to add some vibrancy to the office space and to change things up.


How Custom Wall Murals Improve Office Atmosphere

An office can be a dreary place to work, where staff find themselves drifting off to sleep mid-morning, or it can be an energizing space. Google has proven that boosting the workplace environment helps increase worker loyalty and productivity on an ongoing basis. Here are a few different ways to utilize wall murals in an office setting:


  • Reinforce the company’s core values. Employees are more likely to work hard if they’re in tune with what the company stands for. Remind them subtly of your mission statement on a daily basis by incorporating the mission statement or main values in custom wall murals. This can be done textually or visually, depending on your preference. The constant reminder will keep everyone reacting to situations according to the company’s values.Office wall murals
  • Boost employee focus with nature scenes. Studies have shown that you will tend to be more focused if you can look at a natural scene. While it’s not likely you’ll be able to work in the middle of a forest or beautiful meadow, you can replicate that with custom wall murals in the office. Plants in the office can also help increase employee productivity by up to 15 percent, so try combining a mural with actual plants to get the best results.
  • Increase sales with trustworthy murals. Your custom wall murals go beyond just helping employees work better. The right images and colors can actually inspire trust in your customers and help them make that crucial decision to buy from you. Incorporate images that inspire trust as well, such as smiling faces, nature scenes, clasped hands and other similar images.

Which Colors Should You Use?

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Beige may be boring, but wall murals tend to blend a few different colors. You can affect productivity and efficiency by using very specific hues that are dominant in the mural. Here’s a look at what some of the more popular colors do to your employees.

  • Red: This color is bright and agitating. It can increase heart rate and interest, so use it sparingly. Red can draw attention to items you really want people to notice. It’s also useful when physical activity is required.
  • Yellow: Sunny and bright, this color enhances creativity and energy, so it’s perfect for offices where you have programmers, writers or designers working.
  • Blue: A custom mural with plenty of blue in it will promote tranquility and focus in your office. It also pairs very well with green in nature murals.
  • Green: Easy on the eyes, this nature-inspired tone is calming. It’s best used in areas where employees are seated for long periods of time and need to stay efficient and awake.

A great custom wall mural will combine these colors to create the perfect mix for your office space and incorporate images to inspire your staff. Forget the boring, neutral walls that so many workplaces sport. Boost morale and production with custom wall murals.

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