How to Have a Green Office

February 14, 2018

6 Easy Ways to Make Your Office Greener

How to make your office greener

Climate change and carbon footprint are real people!! Going green is an integral part of businesses these days. From a focus on recycling to travel and even what we eat, the impact of global warming is everywhere. People are really looking to change old habits and become more energy efficient and green in any way they can. Being aware of these changes is just as relevant in the workplace as it is in the home, and it doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. Solar Art is very passionate about being green in our office and came up with six ways to have a green office and save money on your energy bills at the same time:

1. Minimize paper usage as much as possible

Go paperless to have a green office

One easy way to make your office greener and cut down on costs in a practical way is to minimize the amount of paper used. In a digital age, meeting papers can be downloaded onto a tablet device, invoices and correspondence can be sent electronically, and the amount of material photocopied can be kept to a minimum. One of the biggest uses of energy in an office is the photocopier machine. Having a paper-free or paper-minimal environment is not only good for the planet, but for your business as well.

2. Install window film throughout the entire office

Install window film for energy efficiency

Cooling systems in offices can crank up the energy bills and the usage of electricity. Installing window film to your windows is an energy-efficient way of reducing heat coming in to the office from the sun. Window film can block up to 63% of the heat from the sun coming in to the office and reduce the amount of electrical cooling required. Window tinting is increasingly popular and an easy way to maintain temperature control in hot weather without increasing your electric bills. You even have the option of installing decorative window film or custom graphics, which will not only reduce heat and reduce glare throughout the office, but will also had a custom design factor that other offices won't have.

3. Cut down on work trips

Go green by cutting down on work trips

When people travel to meetings, it takes up time in the working day and has an impact on the carbon footprint through traveling to other cities or districts. Instead, have a Skype call or webinar to hold a meeting with colleagues. There will of course be times when a face-to-face gathering is required, but your office can cut its carbon footprint significantly by minimizing travel. Not to mention, it is significantly cheaper to do a Skype call than to buy a plane ticket.

4. Turn off the lights when no one is in the room

Offices can become more energy-efficient by employees simply switching off the lights when they leave a room. Not only does this save money for the business, but it also reduces electricity and energy wastage. There are lighting systems that work on a sensor system and operate when someone is in the room, minimizing waste. Powering down equipment when not in use is another way of becoming more energy-efficient as an office.

5. Lose the disposable cups

Get rid of disposable cups to go green in the office

Disposable coffee cups and plastic straws are an ecological problem and are known to be polluting. Introduce awareness among office staff about the need to be more energy-efficient and green in their work. That can include not having disposable plastic in the building, avoiding disposable coffee cups and more. Solar Art decided to gift all of their employees with a reusable water bottle with our custom logo on it at the holiday party. As a company, we now use significantly less plastic than before.

6. Invest in a roof garden

The roof area of an office building is underused. Some office buildings have living walls or roof gardens, which act as green spaces and reduce carbon. This can be a place to relax or have outdoor meetings. Your office will have a beautiful green space, which can attract employees, and it's an added perk that other companies might not have.

Solar Art Window Film

By making a few small changes, your office will be greener in nature and you'll be reducing your carbon footprint, for an affordable price. With less electricity being used, the amount you spend monthly will go down, all while helping the environment. It's a win-win situation! If you want to learn more about how to make your office greener, contact Solar Art today!

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