How to Use Decorative Window Film & Custom Graphics

May 9, 2018

Decorative Window Film & Custom Graphics

Using decorative window film & custom graphics

Both decorative window film and custom graphics are a simple and cost effective way to enhance your home or office, provide privacy, and eliminate the need for other window treatments. When it comes to both decorative window film and custom graphics, there are many different options you can choose from and different ways you can incorporate them in your home or office to perfectly enhance your space. Read to learn more!  

Find the perfect decorative window film for you 

Find the perfect decorative window film for you

Decorative window film comes in all shapes and forms. Whether you are looking for dots, stripes or gradients, you will have a selection to choose from. When it comes to privacy, a simple frosted window film is elegant and goes with almost any decor. Frosted window film also allows light in while keeping the space obscured from the outside. Decorative window film can easily be removed, which means there is no need for expensive or permanent changes to the glass.

Colored window film is also great for offering a splash of color and a unique design factor. You can coordinate the color of the film with the decor inside the room. Even the most basic space can be spiced up with a colorful window treatment.

You’ll also have a choice of patterned window film or gradient window film, which allows for some visual interest in the space. Patterned window film ranges from stripes to more intricate designs and adds a special touch to any window or door. In spaces where the walls cannot be painted or decorated, your windows can become the artwork.

Personalize your space with custom graphics


If you don't see a decorative window film that really sticks out to you for your space, you can choose custom graphics and get exactly what you're looking for made. You can choose what you want installed and on what material you want it installed on. For businesses in particular, custom graphics are extremely popular. You can have your company logo printed in a specific color, in a specific texture or cut with a frosted window film. 

Businesses also use custom graphics as both a temporary and permanent method of advertising. You can install your company logo, store hours and more on your storefront or adjacent wall to let potential customers know who you are and what you do. Depending on the type of window film chosen and the specific design, you may have a privacy window as well as a display. This is your chance to get creative and customize a space that really fits your personality and business.

Of course, there’s no reason not to use custom graphics in your home, either. Your favorite travel destination or a favorite movie scene can easily be added to a window, door, or wall to enhance and customize the area. It's a super easy and affordable way to give your kids endless entertainment.

Just like solar film, both custom graphics and decorative window film are easy to maintain and doesn’t require extensive care and cleaning like blinds and curtains. Skip the hassle and just go for the film that applies directly to the window.

Possible uses for decorative window film & custom graphics

Like we mentioned earlier, there are so many different uses for both decorative window film and custom graphics. You can advertise your business to potentially drive in new business. You can use decorative window film to increase privacy in parts of your business or home. You can also add a decorative factor to a window and make it a focal point of any space. 

Solar Art Window Film

There you have it! Both custom graphics and decorative window film look great in  homes and offices. They are affordable and give you the flexibility to choose practically anything you want to customize your space. If you are interested in learning more or would like a free window film quote, contact Solar Art today! 

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