How the Solar Art Office Uses Window Film

November 12, 2019

Office Window Film


So we always talk about installations we have gone out and done and all of the different ways we serve our customers. I wanted to switch things up and talk about how we incorporate window film in our own office! Seeing as we are a window film company and are lucky to have such a great installation team, we try and utilize window film as much as we can because of all the different benefits they offer. Solar Art recently moved our corporate office at the beginning of this year and had a completely blank slate to work with, which was really cool. I wanted to share with you the different ways you can incorporate different windows films in an office setting. Read on to learn more 😊

Casper cloaking film for offices


I don’t know if you keep up with our weekly blogs...but if you don’t than you should  😉Anyway, if you don’t keep up with them, last week we talked about lesser known windows films on the market. Casper Cloaking Film is one of those window films we talked about. If you want to read about Casper Cloaking Film in depth you can refer to last week’s blog, but for now I’m just going to cover it briefly and spend the majority of the time talking about how we incorporate it in our office. Casper Cloaking Film is a kind of decorative window film that obscures digital view. It will make it so people walking past a conference room or private office can’t see what is being displayed on a screen. Solar Art has Casper Cloaking Film installed on our conference room glass to increase privacy and confidentiality if an important meeting is being held. 

Clear dry erase film for glass


Solar Art has clear dry erase film on glass in our marketing office. Again, we talked about clear dry erase film in full detail on our last blog so check that to learn more! In summary, clear dry erase film is applied directly on the glass and it is optically clear. What this means is that you aren’t even going to notice it's there. It's going to look like you are writing right on the window. Clear dry erase film isn’t going to change the look of your space whatsoever. Our marketing office has exterior glass that gets great natural light that comes in. It's in the back of the office and there are trees behind it so it never really gets too hot in that office. The marketing team constantly has brainstorming sessions and team meetings where they are writing and talking things out. They wanted a dry erase film installed so they could all easily see and contribute to these sessions. They decided to have a clear dry erase film installed so they could utilize the dry erase portion and still keep the natural light coming through. 

Gradient dry erase film for glass


Not only do we have clear dry erase film installed in the office, we also have gradient dry erase film installed! We have a gradient dry erase film on the exterior window of our conference room. Our in house graphics team printed a custom gradient dry erase film for that piece of glass. We have the opaque portion installed on the bottom half of the glass and the clear portion installed on the top of the glass. We wanted the opaque portion installed at the bottom of the glass so we could not only increase privacy into the office, but also reduce heat. Just like a standard frosted window film, this custom gradient is also going to reduce some heat. Our conference room faces the sun for a large part of the day and can get really warm so having the gradient dry erase film helps with that which is really nice, especially in the summer.

Office frosted window film


Frosted window film is another type of window film Solar Art utilizes in our office space. We have a storage closet in the middle of the office that we use to store office supplies, sample cards, holiday decorations and more. The storage closet has a window on the side of it that goes from the floor to the ceiling. Since the storage closet is used for storage and isn’t the most organized of rooms if you know what I’m saying...we didn’t want anyone being able to see in. We decided to have frosted window film installed on both the interior and the exterior of the glass to really increase privacy for that room. Employees and even customers who walk by that room can’t see what’s inside whatsoever if the door is shut. Frosted window film is a really affordable way to increase privacy in office settings.

Solar film for office windows


Next we are going to talk about solar film. The way our building is layed out, is all of the private offices basically perimeter the entire building and the middle of the office is used as a collaborative space with laptop plug ins. The employees that come and go throughout the day like estimators and project managers can easily come and plug in while they are here and easily unplug when they have to leave and go on site. When we first moved in we realized that the private offices that are on one side of the office get really hot throughout the day. They are in direct sun practically the entire day and get unbearably hot. The afternoons are especially uncomfortable and it gets difficult to see computer screens because of the glare.

We immediately decided to install exterior window film that would reduce the maximum amount of heat and glare to really help these employees feel as comfortable as possible. Depending on the exterior window film you go with, it can reduce heat up to 75% and glare up to 75%. This makes a noticeable difference in temperature. After the exterior window film was installed the employees that had the offices on the hot side of the building said they were much more comfortable. Installing exterior window film is also a win because when we first moved in we were turning to our air conditioning more. The offices on the hot side of the building were turning to the air conditioning to help cool their space, meanwhile the offices on the other side of the building would be freezing. If we didn’t install the exterior window film right away, our electricity bill would have increased. Solar film is a really easy way to reduce heat, reduce glare, block 99% of harmful UVA and UVB rays as well as lower your electricity bill. It’s a win-win-win situation you guys, trust me.  

Custom graphics for windows 


As you probably guessed, we do have custom graphics installed in our office as well. The great thing about custom graphics is that you can do so much with them. We have our company logo installed on the front door so people driving by can clearly see where we are located and who we are. Like I said earlier, we just moved in earlier this year so we are not fully done with everything. We are planning on installing a wall mural on one of our big walls in the office. We will post photos when it’s done, don’t worry  😊

Custom graphics are really nice because they can be a more permanent design like company logos and wall murals, or they can be a temporary design. For example, we utilized custom graphics for our company party at the beginning of this year. It was during the winter so our in house graphics team printed snowflakes and installed them on glass throughout the entire building. We also had a photo booth and we installed a photo of Gary Vaynerchuk and our CEO as the backdrop. It was a really cool and a really easy way to personalize the party and make it fun for the employees. 

Solar Art Window Film

So there you go! We install window film of all kinds every single day to homes and offices all throughout the West Coast. I am constantly writing case studies and blogs about all the cool installations we do and I thought it was time to talk about ourselves and show you our office and how we utilize window film. If you are interested in learning more about any kind of window film or think it would benefit your home or office, contact us today and we can provide you with a fast, free quote!

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