Tips to Throw an Awesome Office Party!

December 12, 2018

Throw the Ultimate Office Party! 

From holiday parties to birthdays and anniversaries, corporate work parties are awesome ways to build friendships, create memories, and show your team (or your bosses!) how much you appreciate them. If throwing a big party sounds intimidating, let the party-loving team at Solar Art take away some of that stress with easy, money-saving tips for parties big or small:

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Choose a personal theme

While you may know if it’s a holiday party or birthday party, beyond that… do you have a theme? Choosing a theme helps focus your decor, food, and event planning. Popular party themes are always a win, or make your party more personal. Capture your company’s or your boss’s spirit with a unique theme about favorite shows, places, or values.

Pick your perfect space

The size of your space will be determined by how many people you’re expecting, and what you want to pull off! Restaurants, conference rooms at hotels, and outdoor venues are all great starting points. Don’t forget about parking needs, required staffing behind the scenes, and any traveling on your attendees’ part.

Personalize your party space with custom graphics

Custom printed graphics

Parties usually include decor such as balloons and props, food, drinks, and music. But what if you could really wow your attendees by taking your party to the next level with custom printed graphics? Bring any visual you have in mind to Solar Art’s creative team, or give us an idea and we’ll take it from there. No matter where you are in the visual planning, we can bring it into reality for space of any size. Printing and installation is all in-house so your event is in good hands.

Get custom banners, posters, wall art, and more to make it a party to remember. For example, we recently threw an end of year company party at our new corporate office and customized the party with graphics and events unique to what our CEO likes. We created a photo booth with a custom backdrop of a photo of the CEO with his professional role model. The photo booth was a hit all night long and is a creative example of crafting unique parties.

Going bigger? Hire a pro event management team

If your party’s events and roster are bursting at the seams, hire a team of event management professionals to handle the stress of audio/visual, printed graphics, event information for attendees, and more. The experienced team at Clarity Experiences is ready enhance your event in every way, so you can focus on being a great host. Big events don’t have to stressful: an event management team has the tools needed to launch a flawless event that creates memories for everyone involved. Our team loves throwing a party, so talk to Solar Art today about the first steps towards bringing your party vision into the real world with custom graphics.

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