How to Use Wall Graphics and Solar Film Around Your House

December 11, 2018

Transform Your Home with Window Film! 

Our homes are our own creative space, but keeping up with interior designs trends can be time-consuming and expensive! While painting and decor are the usual ways to spruce up your house, wall graphics, window graphics and window films are easy and modern alternatives.

Decorative window film and privacy window film

Frosted window film

We love big windows that have great views and let in light, but strangers outside can also see in. Installing a dual reflective window film can easily fix this problem. If you have glass walls or doors, like a pantry or in the laundry room, installing a frosted window film will prevent people from seeing what's behind it, while also incorporating design. 

Transform a home office in a day

Working from home is convenient, but our homes aren’t always the best places for concentrating. Wall graphics are a great first step toward turning an extra room into dedicated office space. Creating a scene or even a solid focal wall can help you focus and be productive all day long.

Easy way for kids to decorate their rooms

Removable wall mural

Let your kids’ imaginations run wild with custom wallpaper for their rooms. From popular video games to superheroes to movies, we got you covered! If your child's likes and interests change, replacing paint can get expensive. Installing a wall mural is a more cost effective way to decorate a space and can easily be switched out for another scene. 

Window graphics and solar window film instead of treating hard-to-reach areas

If you have high ceilings, hard-to-reach windows, or awkward wall damage that’s annoying to treat, consider window graphics and solar film. Make too-high-profile windows more efficient 24/7 with custom printed graphics. Conceal that wall repair with wall graphics. Install custom wall trim without the mess and expense of painting.

Create atmosphere for leisure rooms like home theaters, game rooms, etc

Custom wall mural

Wall graphics and decorative window film can also transform game rooms, play rooms, home theaters, easily and affordably. Deck out your game room with custom wallpaper, or blackout window film in a home theater. Turn boring play rooms into your kids’ favorite room to let loose.The possibilities are endless: all you need is your imagination and the dedicated team at Solar Art. Talk to us today about upgrading your home with simple steps like these.


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