How to Communicate and Reinforce Your Company's Core Values

November 19, 2018

Create Culture in the Workplace  

Your business or start-up’s core values define why you work hard every day. They’re an extension of you, and your employees are a key part of bringing that vision into the world. While those values are always there, they may not always be obvious! Communicating your company culture to your employees is a great way to let them know they are right where they belong. Our values are super important to us at Solar Art, so we’ve collected some tips on how to convey your company's core values:

Decorate the work space

word art for walls

A business’s home turf is where it all happens. Fill your space with your vision to let your employees know why they’re there. At Solar Art, we include our product—solar-control window film and graphic wall film—everywhere. We use it everyday, and it reminds us of “the why.” Maybe your product isn’t as tangible as window decor, but you can still capture your values. Maybe feature your clients or favorite projects on a special wall for when you need inspiration. The decor around the office is important, too: capture a whimsical vibe, promote your modern vision, or make your office fun for kids with just a visit to a local store and a dose of creativity. Solar Art can help, too. Take advantage of your wall and window space with custom logos, film cut-outs, word art that speaks for you, or floor-to-ceiling wall art custom made for your business. We transform offices like yours into new spaces every day.

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Team building

Team bonding

Next, turn to your employees. Get to know each of them, take them out to coffee or—if some of your employees are remote—check in with them regularly so they feel connected. It’s easy to get distracted with daily business, but we can’t forget the people who make it busy in the best ways possible. Employees love getting out of the office, so think of team building games or team building exercises to build your company’s community. Involve them in fun social media videos, step it up with trips and team outings, or you can go all-out and plan a weekend team-building event! No matter what you bring to the world, your employees help make it happen: show your appreciation while building great memories together.

Community involvement

Team building

Finally, once you’ve prepped your office and your employees, you can bring your values into the community. Everyone has a cause they care about: reach out to a local charity you feel does good work, promote them, work with them, and get your employees involved too. Let your actions speak louder than your words by giving back to your community. In the end, building and promoting your company’s values doesn’t have to be hard.

How Solar Art can help

Solar Art can help you get started in the right direction with cool and unique office decor that captures the spirit of your business, and inspiring your employees.

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