Custom Graphics Installation to Baywain in Irvine, California

Oct 6, 2021 12:40:47 PM

Custom Graphics Installation in Irvine, CA     

Solar Art installed custom graphics to Baywa in Irvine, CaliforniaBaywa is a renewable energy partner that reduces your carbon footprint. They have a beautiful office that has a ton of glass windows and walls. There is glass in private offices, conference rooms and glass used as partitions. The business owner did like the look of the glass especially in some spaces throughout the office. However, there were places that they didn’t necessarily like it. There were a few private offices as well as conference rooms that they would like increased privacy. They also wanted to really brand their business throughout their office. They knew they would like their logo to be installed and potentially another design factor. Solar Art’s corporate office is right down the street from Baywa so they called us up to see if we could help them out with this project!

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Benefits of Custom Graphics

Our sales representative met with the customer to take a look at the glass and take measurements. When it comes to graphics, our sales representative fills out a graphic worksheet with specific details the customer is looking for to give to our in house graphics team. Like I said earlier, the customer knew they wanted their company logo installed, but they weren’t sure what else. Our in house graphics team called the customer to try and help them come up with some ideas. Since they are a renewable energy company, our in house graphics team suggested installing leaves in their company colors around the logo. The company really liked that idea. They thought it would not only brand their business but also really customize it. Once they had an idea in mind our graphics team made a proof so the customer is able to see what the custom graphics would like on their glass. The customer really liked the custom graphics and approved the proof right away! From there our installation crew went out and made the design come to life! The customer was just as pleased with the results of the installation. They thought it looked so cool and they were able to brand their business throughout the office. Custom graphics can easily be removed with no damage to the glass whatsoever. In addition to custom graphics, Solar Art also services solar film, decorative window film, security window film, anti graffiti film and exterior building wraps all throughout the West Coast. If you are interested in getting custom graphics installed to your office, contact Solar Art today for a fast, free quote!

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