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5 Tips for Interior and Exterior Building Upgrades

Whether you're a Property Manager or Building Owner, improving the look and feel of your property can add short term and long term property value. Think about different offices you've worked in. Where were you most productive? How did the environment make you feel? It's no secret that a new and creative environment can have positive effects on company culture as well as productivity in the workplace. 

Here are 5 ways to update the interior and exterior of your building.


Tip #1: Install some cool wall graphics.

Plain white walls can make an office environment seem depressing and cold. Adding simple wall graphics or completely custom wall murals can enhance the look and feel of a space and showcase your company’s values and culture. office-wall-mural

Tip #2: It's 2017, save a tree or two.

When interior office space is limited, invest in a scanner and shred all paper files. This will eliminate the need for those massive file cabinets and free up lots of office space.


Tip #3: Please, update your flooring.

Carpet can get old and worn very fast in an office environment. Consider having no carpet and utilize the concrete floors underneath. Polished concrete can create a modern feel and you can always add rugs for some color that can be changed out periodically.


Tip #4: Invest in building upgrades.

It doesn't take much to change the entire look of your building. Building facades are typically made up of either all  glass or glass and other building materials like stone, concrete, or brick. Building upgrades like exterior window film and industrial facade paints can update an entire building for a low cost. This adds value to the property and can promote occupancy for company's looking for a new space.


Tip #5: Spruce up your landscaping and outdoor workspaces.

The right landscaping around a building can create a whole different look and feel to your building. The type of plants, trees and shrubs can enhance the entryway of your property and distinguish it from neighboring buildings. Outdoor work spaces are becoming increasingly popular and allow tenants to take advantage of spring and summer weather.


All in all, these are simple and some even envioronmentally friendly building upgrades that you can do to increase the attractiveness of your property which can result in a higher occupany rate. What's the next step? Let us help you to create some custom wall murals or exterior building upgrades!

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