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What's New? Clear Window Films that Reduce Glare and Provide Privacy

When a client asks for a product in our industry that I don’t know about I sort of feel like an idiot, on the other hand our industry is very slow to adapt new technology so I will go easy on myself. There isn’t much you can do to a film or vinyl product...until now.

Designtex, a manufacturer and distributor of many types of fabrics and textiles has developed a clear window film which can transmit light but can obscure monitors and projectors on the other side.


The film acts a privacy shield for conference rooms when giving presentations or having meetings. This should be a great tool for many companies that have an open office environment and like the light and natural look of glass but need the privacy when having meetings.

The film works by blocking wavelengths of light emitted by LED and LCD screens. Very cool stuff. As light becomes increasingly important in an open office environment and how it relates to employee happiness and productivity, these products will continue to become more viable.

Another product just released on the market by 3M is the 3M Daylight Redirecting Film. This film, which applied on the top portion of the glass, redirects sunlight as much as 40 feet into the office space to reduce the need for artificial lighting. It also redirects the light upward to reduce glare and spread the light out across the entire space. Everyone likes light, unfortunately unwanted glare forces most occupants to close the blinds which darkens the interior and reduces any views.


 Although we don’t have many new products in our industry, these two are very cool and in my opinion definitely worth a look. Hopefully this could be the start of some more innovation in our industry. Stay tuned!

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