Solar Art's Transition Out Of COVID-19

May 20, 2020

Safely Reopening Your Business


We might all still be navigating through this pandemic and figuring things out, but it’s finally time we can start talking about the light at the end of the tunnel! Businesses are starting to slowly reopen, Solar Art included. Based on our trade, Solar Art is considered to be an essential business and we are happy to announce that all of our locations are open for residential and commercial installations.

We wanted to take this opportunity to close out the COVID-19 chapter and start talking about the transition back to normalcy and focus on window film again! In this blog, you’ll get to hear our CEO’s perspective and what he has implemented in Solar Art to ensure we are operating as safely as possible. 

As we transition out of COVID-19 and get back into our normal routine, we are focusing on how to make our customer experience seamless and implement all of the things we have been doing to improve the company. Solar Art is still running as a business based on our “why,” which is to create an industry-leading company through culture, communication, innovation, and our customers, but “what” we are doing and “how” we are doing it is different than they used to be. Keep on learning to learn why! 

Solar Art’s transition period


We spoke with our CEO on what the overall transition looks like in the company and what his perspective on everything is. He talked about how Solar Art opened up our offices under strict guidelines. All office locations are practicing social distancing and handwashing. We have a cleaning crew coming to the office twice a week, and when onsite any job, masks are required to be worn.

Our CEO talked about how we are lucky that our trade and our business doesn’t require us to be close to people and it isn’t a “dirty” type of trade. What he means by that is to install the window film, our installers use soap and water. What this means is their hands are being cleaned by soap multiple times a day. From an installation perspective, we don’t want dirt or dust, we want the cleanest window possible, so the installers are constantly using the soap and water, which lends itself to cleanliness.

In addition to constantly washing their hands and being around soap and water all day, our installation crew all practice social distancing and wear masks while onsite. From a sales perspective, again, we aren’t required to be very close to people. Our sales representatives in both residential and commercial settings can measure the windows or walls, which we can easily do while still practicing social distancing, or without the customer at all.

Incorporating virtual consultations for our customers


We talked earlier about how we have taken this time to focus on improving our company and figure out different ways to make our customer’s experience seamless. We also talked about how our “why” is staying the same but our “what” and “how” are changing.

One way the Solar Art team has decided to change up our “what” and “how” and make our customer’s experience seamless is to incorporate virtual consultations for our customers. We understand that this is a scary time for everyone and that not everyone is okay with our team entering their home or office. Completely understandable! 

For those customers who aren’t comfortable with it but are still interested in getting a free window film quote, we are in the process of incorporating virtual consultations in our business. One of our sales representatives will be able to with a customer via Zoom, phone call, text, FaceTime, or whatever way is easiest for the customer. The customer can take measurements of the glass in question and our sales representative can still show the customer samples and talk about the different benefits of the window film.

Our team is so excited to continue with our work, but we want all of our customers to feel as comfortable and safe as possible, which is why we thought implementing virtual consultations would be a great stay tuned because virtual consultations are coming soon!

Selling a new product for our customers


Solar Art has rolled out a new product to help keep our customers as safe as possible. The product is called antimicrobial protection film and it kills 99.99% of bacteria on practically any surface. Our customers can have antimicrobial protection film installed in high traffic areas like desks, chairs, door handles, restrooms, and more. It’s an easy and affordable way to give you peace of mind that your surfaces are protected 24/7. 

If the antimicrobial protection film does get damaged, our installation crew can easily go onsite and replace it with a fresh new layer. Antimicrobial protection film is an easy addition to your re-opening gameplan to make sure you and your team are operating as safely as possible. 

Creating a partner program to improve customer experience

Solar Art’s marketing and sales team put their heads together during this pandemic to figure out how else we can improve our customer’s experience with Solar Art, and from that our partnership program was created. We came up with a program that shows our most valued customers how much we care about them and their relationship with us. The partnership program has exclusive benefits and rewards for doing work with Solar Art.  

New ways work will be facilitated


Yes, Solar Art might be considered an essential business, and yes all of our locations have been reopened, but the way we are working is very different. Before COVID-19 cleanliness and procedures might not have seemed as critical across the board in different industries. However, after this pandemic, all of that has been completely thrown out the window.

In the long-term, the Solar Art team is all going to be more mindful about cleanliness both in the office and on job sites. Regardless of whether it’s germs, dirt, or dust, being clean is going to be a top priority moving forward and we are going to make it more apparent in our policies and procedures. 

That’s Solar Art’s Game Plan!

So there you have it! We are so excited that we can finally start talking about things reopening and to start talking about window film again. Life might look drastically different after COVID-19, but Solar Art’s main goal is still to bring happiness to the spaces where they live, work, and play. 

We have restructured our policies and procedures and have put a heavy emphasis on cleanliness, but we can’t wait to continue doing residential and commercial installations. If you have any questions regarding our reopening game plan, what we are doing as a company, or simply want to learn more about window film, contact Solar Art today, we would love to hear from you!

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