All You Need To Know When It Comes To Logo Decals! (2020)

June 9, 2020

Logo Decals For Walls & Logo Decals For Windows


Hello everyone! Today’s blog is a cool one where we take a deep dive into logo decals for walls and logo decals for windows. Solar Art has recently gotten a lot of questions regarding logo decals and whether or not we offer that service. We want to start by saying that yes, we do! But we don’t want to end the conversation there. We want to address the questions we have been getting and talk about the specific details and terminology since we know it can be confusing. 

We interviewed both our graphics production manager, Jamie, as well as our Orange County/San Diego sales representative, Jeff, to pick their brains and get their perspective on this topic...and you don’t want to miss it! Keep on reading to learn what logo decals for walls and windows are, what your options are, and how Solar Art can help you with your next logo decal project!

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What is a logo decal?

Let’s start with the basics, what even is a logo decal and is a logo decal the same as the custom graphics we always talk about? Both great questions, and to put it simply, yes, a logo decal is the same thing as our custom graphics!

If you aren’t familiar with Solar Art, we talk a lot about how lucky we are to have our own in-house graphics team that creates and produces all of our custom graphics for each of our different locations. When we talk about custom graphics, it just includes a broader range of options. What I mean by that, is custom graphics can include anything from logos to window graphics, to wall murals, etc. A logo decal is specific to a logo for either a wall or glass. 

We spoke with our graphics production manager, Jamie, regarding this topic and he said that since logo decals for walls and logo decals for windows fall under the custom graphics category, the process is the same. The sales processes are the same, the production processes are the same, and the installation processes are the same. Same processes, same results, different name. It’s as simple as that.

What goes into any custom graphics project?


We just talked about how all the processes are the same for custom graphics and logo decals. While that is true, the process and what’s needed for any custom graphics project (logo decals included) is a little different than a standard window film installation. In any type of window film installation, correct measurements are crucial, but this is especially true in any type of custom graphics installation. 

We started this question out by talking with Jeff and asking him what his process is like from a sales perspective when it comes to custom graphics. The very first thing he said was detail is key. Jeff said that he his process can be broken down into three steps:

  1. Talking with the customer, asking questions, and learning the details of the project. 
  2. Taking exact measurements of the surfaces in question. Instead of rounding up as you would for a standard window film installation, measure to an 8th of an inch.
  3.  Drawing up a picture of the area we are installing the logo decal for our graphics department and installation team and fills out the graphics worksheet. 

What is the graphics worksheet you ask? This sheet is simply the details we need in order to provide an accurate quote. Jeff hands it over to the graphics department for pricing and then Jeff gets it over to the customer once price is confirmed. 

Once the pricing is approved we are ready to send the proof over to the customer. The proof is a mock-up of what the custom graphic is going to look like so the customer can make any changes or approve it. Once the proof is approved, we are ready to move forward with the installation!  

Solar Art’s process of creating and producing logo decals for windows & logo decals for walls

Now that we have talked about our custom graphic process from start to finish, we can talk about what the behind the scenes looks like for creating and producing logo decals for windows and logo decals for walls since this is where we have been getting a lot of questions.

We spoke with Jamie about what this looks like since this is his daily routine. Just like Jeff, Jamie said that the most important part of the process is getting those specific details to be sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. 

Jamie said these are the most important questions to get answered when it comes to logo decals: 

  • Is there a specific font you are looking for? 
  • Is there a tagline that needs to go with the logo decal? 
  • Are there specific colors you want to use? 
  • What is the name of the company or name/ Is there a design or image that you want to use? 

Once Jamie has all of these details from the sales representative, he can create pricing and the proof for the customer to bring their vision to life! 

What is the process of creating a logo decal from scratch?


Solar Art often gets asked if we can create a logo decal from scratch or if the logo already has to be created to work with us. We can absolutely create a logo from scratch for you! Maybe you’re a new business owner and you aren’t sure what you want your new logo to be, but you have a few ideas...or you aren’t sure what you are looking for at all. Either way, that’s okay! 

You can work directly with our graphics team to come up with the perfect logo for you. There will probably be a few phone calls with Jamie or our graphics department to get an understanding of what your idea is and ask you specific questions regarding your company and the logo decal.

If we are creating a logo decal from scratch, the proofs are going to be a key component because this is where you can get an idea of what it’s going to look like and make any changes if necessary.

What is the process of producing logo decals if they are already made?

Now on the flip side, you might be wondering if we can produce logo decals if you already have your logo created? Also yes! Jeff said that about 90% of our customers already have their logo, which is awesome!

This process looks slightly different than if we are creating a logo from scratch. There will probably be fewer phone calls with the graphics department regarding the overall design of the logo decal, but the proof is still extremely important. 

When it comes to the proof you will start by focusing on the little details like is the placement of the logo decal correct? Is the size correct? Things of that nature to make sure the logo decals are exactly what you are envisioning.  

What materials are used in making logo decals for walls & logo decals for windows?


In the next part of our interviews, we talked with Jamie about what materials are commonly used in making logo decals. Jamie said that 3M vinyl is the most commonly used product when it comes to logo decals.

A Solar Art tip: When we were talking with Jamie about materials he wanted to note that a lot of people come to Solar Art thinking they want their logo decals to be created from black material because it will show up best against the glass. However, this is not true. A white material shows up much better than black, which is why our graphics department always pushes customers to install a product like the 3M vinyl instead of a black product! 

How are logo decals for walls different from logo decals for windows from a production & installation standpoint?

Custom graphics are awesome because of the flexibility they give you. They can be installed on a variety of different surfaces including walls and glass. If you want to advertise your business then you can have your logo decal installed to your storefront glass.

If you want to brand your business internally, you can install the logo decal on walls throughout the office. While we can install logo decals to both windows and walls, they look a little different from a production standpoint.

We again talked with Jamie who said there is a big difference from a production standpoint because different materials are used. When it comes to logo decals for walls or any custom graphic for walls for that matter, there are even more questions that need to be asked.

The biggest thing is the texture of the wall. Our team needs to know the texture of the wall to know which material is best. Standard wall mural material doesn’t conform to textured walls. Once we get those questions answered, we know which materials are appropriate to use and we can get it created. 

From an installation perspective, installing logo decals for windows is the same as regular custom graphics for glass. You start by masking the area, then you use a squeegee and remove the masking. The only difference in installing a wall mural or logo decal for a wall is that no water is used. Other than that, everything is the same! 

Where do we typically see logo decals installed?


We finished this interview out by asking Jeff where his customers typically are looking to get logo decals installed. Jeff said that he mainly gets requests for conference rooms. A lot of customers want to brand their business internally, not only for employees but for their customers that come in and out of the building. 

Jeff said he also frequently gets requests for logo decals on storefront glass and glass behind reception desks to advertise the business. Business owners want the logo decal to be the first thing current and potential customers see when they approach the business.  

Solar Art Can Help You With Your Logo Decals! 

So there you have it! The ins and outs of logo decals for windows and logo decals for walls. We hope this behind the scenes of logo decals helped answer any questions you may have.

Solar Art helps advertise and draw awareness to businesses every day with logo decals. If you are interested in learning more about logo decals or think it might be a good fit for your business, contact Solar Art today for a free consultation! 

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