How To Re-Open Your Business Safely

May 19, 2020

Install Antimicrobial Protection Film To Your Surfaces! 


The last few months have been wild, but things are FINALLY starting to slowly open back up and we are ready. If you are a business owner I’m sure you have a million different questions running through your head about what you want to do. When is the right time to open up? How can I do it safely? What precautions should I put in place? These are all valid questions that most business owners are probably trying to sort out. I know Solar Art thought of all these questions before we opened our doors again and it took a long time to nail down our policies and procedures.

We understand that you want to be cautious and open up your business as safely as possible for both your employees and your customers. I’m sure you are sanitizing away and making sure your team is stocked full of sanitizer and wipes just like everyone else. But, what else can you do? Is that enough? Well, what if I told you Solar Art carries a product that kills bacteria on practically any surface? heard me right. It’s an antimicrobial protection film. Keep on reading to learn the specifics of this window film!  

What is an antimicrobial protection film?


Antimicrobial protection film is a mouthful to say that’s for sure so let’s start with what it is and how it works. Silver cation (AG+) is the main and active ingredient in an antimicrobial protection film. The bacteria-killing properties of silver have been widely documented. Silver kills microbes through the process of oxidation, releasing silver ions that combat bacteria. This is the very process that makes antimicrobial protection film so effective. 

There has been testing done that shows the patented silver technology in antimicrobial protection film kills up to 99.99% of bacteria within hours...think about that for a second.  By lowering the time bacteria lives and replicates on a surface, we are ultimately lowering our risk of weakening our immune system, which causes us to be less susceptible to contracting viruses. Bet you didn’t know window film could do that, did you?!

Benefits of antimicrobial protection film


Killing 99.99% of bacteria and having 24-hour protection are clearly two of the biggest benefits of antimicrobial protection film...but the list goes on! In addition to this, antimicrobial protection film is waterproof, easy to clean on any surface, and is scratch-resistant. Basically, it makes your life a lot easier.

Since antimicrobial protection film is installed in high traffic areas where a lot of people are coming and going, if it does get damaged from everyday wear and tear, Solar Art’s installation team can easily remove the damaged window film and replace it with a fresh new layer. Antimicrobial protection film also has conformable vinyl and a strong adhesion so you don’t have to worry about it coming off or making your space look sloppy or even unusable.

Common applications of antimicrobial protection film


Another benefit of antimicrobial protection film is the number of surfaces it can be applied to. When you think of standard window film, you probably think of glass, windows, and doors as the common applications, which is true. If you follow Solar Art and keep up with our blogs and case studies, you might be familiar with custom graphics and know that they can be applied to glass, walls, carpet, floors, and more. Antimicrobial protection film takes it a step further than that and can be applied to pretty much any surface you want. 

A few common surface types for this window film are countertops, desks, doors, door handles, railings, tables, touchscreens, windows, glass, metal, plastic, stainless steel, and wood. I told you it was a lot! Since antimicrobial protection film can be applied to so many surfaces, Solar Art has frequently seen it installed in restaurants, public restrooms, hospitals, grocery stores, schools, offices, hotels, airports and planes, and public transit. These are highly populated areas where people typically spend their time, so the business owners wanted to try and keep the areas as clean as possible. We could install it to public restroom handles, grocery store carts, credit card machines, ATM’s, etc. We could literally wrap the entire world in antimicrobial window film if we wanted and we think that’s amazing. 

Especially with COVID-19, we anticipate business owners, homeowners, and well, pretty much everyone is going to step up their cleaning and sanitizing game and antimicrobial protection film is a simple way to do that. Antimicrobial protection film can help give you peace of mind that you’re keeping your loved ones, employees, and customers safe. With antimicrobial protection film, your surfaces are killing bacteria 24 hours a day. Install it to those high trafficked areas of the office or your business that you are most worried about. 

How Solar Art Can Help You

Solar Art is a small business ourselves, so we understand that the re-opening process is scary and we want to help you in any way we can. We have taken precautions ourselves and have implemented some new policies and procedures throughout our team just like everyone else. Our installer vans, sales representative cars, and offices are stocked full of sanitizing wipes, gloves, masks, and hand sanitizer. We are all socially distancing in the office and out in the field.

We are taking precautions just like everyone else to be as safe as possible, and we believe antimicrobial window film is another thing to add to your reopening plan to keep everyone safe and healthy. With the world slowly starting to reopen, why not get ahead? If you are interested in learning more about antimicrobial protection film or think it might be a good solution for your home, office, or business, contact Solar Art today. We would love to work with you on making the world a safer and cleaner place to be!

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