How To Tint Windows

May 21, 2019

Window Film Installation Process

how to tint windows

As the window film professionals, we get a lot of questions about the pros and cons of installing window film yourself with a store-bought kit, instead of hiring a team. It’s a complicated process and we wanted to explore all the steps involved so you’re aware.

How to prep windows

The first step should be, of course, making your windows easy to get to by moving stuff like furniture and window dressings out of the way. Give yourself plenty of room to keep the film kit and your tools all within easy reach.

How to apply window film

The tricky part starts here. First, measure your windows and cut the film to fit them. Measure twice, cut once!

After your window film is cut, clean your windows and spray the whole surface down with water. A good coating of water is crucial for the film sticking to your windows. Once the surface is wet, carefully apply the cut film to the glass surface.

Before you seal the deal, check the fit of the window film again and make sure it’s perfect. If you’re happy with it, squeegee out the water by running the squeegee across the film from the center toward the edges.

The film dries over the course of 60 days--bubbles are normal and should be left alone! Touching them or pushing them will damage the film, and you’ll need to start over.

how to install home window tint

How to clean tinted windows

While your windows are curing, you’ll want to take care of the film to ensure the best possible result of your hard work. We recommend that you don’t clean your drying window films for 45 days after the installation. The film needs to form an undisturbed adhesion to the glass.

After that, you can clean the film with any common, ammonia-free window cleaner in combination with a soft towel or sponge, or gently with a clean squeegee. Never use abrasive cleaners or brushes because they will scratch the film and permanently damage it. Also, avoid attaching any tape or other adhesives to the window film as this could pull it away from the glass. Take a look at Solar Art's care instructions to learn more! 

how to tint your windows

Solar Art Installations

In the end, installing your own window films is tricky but it isn’t impossible. However, most DIY window film installers have never done it before and mistakes will be made. While a DIY installation has the advantage of doing it on your own time and for less money, the window films are cheaper and don’t come with warranties and the peace of mind that your money won’t be wasted. A professional team does it for a living, so they know where the mistakes occur, and the process is faster. They can also answer your questions about the life and care of the film. Finally, you’re choosing a higher quality film that can actually deliver its promises.

Talk to Solar Art today about improving your windows today, without all the fuss and stress and doing it yourself. You’re busy: let the pros take that job off your hands.

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