Solar Art Installed a Wall Mural to a Home in Huntington Beach, California

Sep 13, 2021 1:57:03 PM

Solar Art Installed a Wall Mural in Huntington Beach, CA

We often write about the wall murals we install to commercial buildings and only briefly talk about how we do them in homes, so we thought we should show you what a home wall mural can look like! This family loves the beach and they spend time there as a family and is practically their home away from home. The homeowners have a large cement wall in their backyard that was cold and didn’t match the feel of the rest of their home. The plants they have don’t extend to that part of the wall and they were looking for something to fix that part of their home. A friend of theirs had custom graphics installed to their office that they loved and they thought this homeowner could maybe incorporate custom graphics in their backyard. The homeowner contacted Solar Art to learn more about wall murals and the different options they had!

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Benefits of Home Wall Murals   

Our sales representative worked with the customer to learn what they were looking for and what they wanted out of the home wall mural. After only minutes of speaking with them it became evident how much they love the beach. Our sales representative suggested getting a wall mural of their favorite beach installed right in their backyard. The homeowners had no idea they could have something that custom installed and were so excited they could incorporate something they love so dearly to their home! They picked out the photo they wanted to use and our in house graphics team made it happen! You can create a custom piece of artwork or produce an already designed graphic, like this customer did. If the customer decides later on down the road they want to sell the house or they no longer want the wall mural, they can have it easily removed by a professional window film company. The customer was so happy with the results of the installation. Not only did they fix the bare wall in their backyard, they got to fix it with something their whole family loves. In addition to wall murals, Solar Art also installs solar film, decorative window film, anti graffiti film, security window film and exterior building wraps in both residential and commercial settings. If you are interested in getting window film installed to your home or office space, contact Solar Art for a free quote!

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