Office Privacy Decorative Window Film Installed in Olympia, Washington

Oct 4, 2021 2:06:37 PM

Office Privacy Window Film Installation in Olympia, WA

Solar Art installed office privacy window film in Olympia, Washington! As you’ve seen from our past case studies, decorative window film is frequently installed to offices to increase privacy or simply add a decorative factor throughout the space. Most typically, Solar Art installs decorative window film to conference rooms and private offices to increase privacy and maintain confidentiality. We often install decorative window film to glass windows and walls in office spaces. In addition to glass windows and walls, Solar Art also does install window film to glass partitions in offices, again to increase privacy or simply add a design factor. This customer was one of those glass partition installations. This is a bank and the customer was looking for increased privacy on the glass partitions that separate office desks. The bank didn’t want other customers or even employees being able to see confidential information. They reached out to Solar Art to learn more about office privacy window film and what options they have.

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Benefits of Office Privacy Window Film

When it comes to office privacy window film you have so many different options you can go with. You can choose from stripes, dots, complex shapes and solid opaque window films. While the banks top priority was to increase privacy, they also liked the idea of adding a design factor with the office privacy window film. They worked with our sales representative and went through different samples of all the different options they have. In the end, the bank decided to go with a striped office privacy window film made by 3M for their glass partitions. This office privacy window film not only adds a really cool design feature throughout their office, but it significantly increases privacy. People walking by won’t be able to see through it and see or hear confidential, personal information being discussed with customers. Office privacy window film can easily be removed from the glass partitions with no damage to them whatsoever. In addition to office privacy window filmSolar Art also services solar film, all types of decorative window film, custom graphics, anti graffiti film, security window film and exterior building wraps. If you are interested in getting office privacy window film installed to your business, contact Solar Art today for a free consultation!

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Office privacy window film is an easy and affordable way to increase privacy on glass partitions to increase privacy and confidentiality. Contact Solar Art today for a free quote!

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