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Dec 17, 2021 3:38:40 PM

Mill Valley Residential Window Film

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Solar Art installs several different kinds of window films to homes in the Mill Valley area like security film, custom graphics, decorative window film, and solar film. Our crew works with homeowners in this area on efficiency and safety for their homes for an affordable price. If you are a homeowner in the Mill Valley area that is experiencing any of the issues above and want to learn more about home window tinting, keep on reading or click the button below for a free quote! 

Reduce heat and glare with solar film

Located in Marin County, California, Mill Valley is warm throughout the whole year. This weather is ideal but does bring some downsides, like the heat. Heat can make a home stuffy and uncomfortable to be in. To try and fix this problem, many of the homeowners we work with turn to the AC or shades because they didn't know that solar film can reject up to 80% of heat right away. 

Glare is another component that comes with the sun and can prevent you from seeing TV and computer screens in your house. Just like how solar film helps reduce heat, it also significantly reduces the amount of glare that enters your home. By rejecting up to 82% of glare and 99% of ultraviolet rays, homeowners notice a significant difference in their homes.

Solar Film in Mill Valley, California

Increase home safety with window security film

Security window film adds 2-3 times the strength to your home glass, prolongs forced entry time, and contains shattered glass in case of impact. By strengthening glass this much, your residence is going to be immediately safer. In the case of impact, your glass isn’t going to shatter everywhere, which also increases safety. In the case of an intruder, your glass is going to be more difficult to get through, which allows more time for help to arrive, also increasing safety. Not only does security window film protect against intruders and impact, but it also protects against natural disasters like earthquakes and strong winds.

Window Security Film in Mill Valley, California

Increase home privacy with decorative window film

Decorative film is a window tint service that is frequently used for increasing privacy and adding decorative designs to residences. Added home privacy is never a bad thing, especially in restrooms, laundry rooms, and pantries. Decorative window film could be that affordable solution you have been searching for! If you choose to have decorative window film installed, you have a variety of different options including:

  •  Frosted window film
  • Patterned window film
  • Blackout window film
  • Whiteout window film 

All of these decorative window film options are going to increase privacy and stop people from being able to see into or out of the glass.

Decorative Window Fim in Mill Valley, California

Ready to get Window Film Installed in Mill Valley, California?

Window film is used for many different purposes by homeowners. Solar Art installs Madico window film, 3M window film, Llumar window film, and other reputable window film manufacturers every day. Window tint is an affordable way to make your Mill Valley home a more comfortable place to be. Ready to work with us? Click the link below to speak with someone on our team! 


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