Commercial Window Tinting at One Maritime Plaza in San Francisco, California

Aug 24, 2021 11:58:53 AM

Commercial Window Tinting at San Francisco, CA

Solar Art installed commercial window tinting to One Maritime Plaza in San Francisco, California. We worked with CBRE to help ensure the customer get exactly what they were looking for. The tenants on the west and south side of the building were having a really big issue with heat. Some floors had window film and others didn’t. The window film that was installed was old and needed to be replaced. All of the floors on that side of the building were unbearably hot in the afternoon. They didn’t want to install blinds or window coverings because they didn’t want the offices to get really dark and they wanted the building to have a uniform look. They also weren’t happy with some of the floors having window film and others not. They reached out to Solar Art to see what their window tinting options were. After working with a sales representative, they decided to have 3M Night Vision window film installed. One Maritime Plaza is going green and was LEED certified in 2011 and makes it easy for tenants and occupants to go green. They also wanted window film installed to make their windows more energy efficient.

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How Commercial Window Tinting Works

hey decided to install window tint to every floor on the south and west side of the building. Some tenants had 3M Night Vision 15 installed and some tenants had 3M Night Vision 25 installed. 3M Night Vision 15 is a slightly darker film than the 3M Night Vision 25 which will reduce more heat, but will also make the room darker. Some of the tenants preferred having the room be lighter so they had the 3M Night Vision 25 installed. Although two different window films were installed, it didn’t create a 

nonuniform and messy look from the exterior. Since the films are from the same series and so similar, it created a design factor for the exterior of the building. Solar Art installed this scope of work in different phases. We did the work after hours as to not interrupt employees working throughout the day. We installed one floor every night and the entire scope took around a month and a half to complete. The 3M Night Vision window film series is comprised of heat blocking window film. This solar film series will greatly reduce heat, reduce glare and block 99% of UVA and UVB rays. The customer was extremely happy with the results of the window film as their tenants were much more comfortable throughout the day and heat from the sun was no longer an issue. On top of solar film, Solar Art also provides anti graffiti film, security window film, decorative window film and custom graphic services for both residential and commercial settings!


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Commercial window tinting reduces heat, reduces glare and blocks 99% of UVA and UVB rays. You can earn up to 9 LEED points with commercial window tint. Contact Solar Art to learn more!

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