Bathroom Window Privacy Film Installation at a Home in San Francisco, California

Sep 29, 2021 5:54:01 PM

Bathroom Window Privacy Film Installation in San Francisco, CA

Solar Art installed bathroom window privacy film to a home in San Francisco, California! The customer has a bathroom on the first story of their home with a beautiful Jacuzzi tub.There are windows that surround the tub, which is good in theory, but not in practicality. Seeing as this is on the first story, neighbors and people walking and driving by can easily see straight into the bathroom. There is no sense of privacy whatsoever. While the customer likes having natural light and has a ton of large windows throughout their entire home, they didn’t feel it was necessary in the bathrooms. They were looking for a way to increase privacy around the Jacuzzi tub, but they didn’t want curtains or shades. It still is a bathtub and they didn’t want the curtains to get wet or have anything take up more space where they could put other things. With that being said, they thought of a frosted window film as it wouldn’t be ruined by water and didn’t take up any additional space. They researched window film companies in their area and reached out to Solar Art to see what their bathroom window privacy film options are.

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Benefits of Bathroom Window Privacy Film

Our sales representative met the client at their home to take a look at the space and see which window film would work best for them. The sales team immediately saw the issue and agreed with the customer that a frosted window film would be a good fit. Reflective window film would give them privacy from the exterior and the ability to see out of the windows, but it is also a harsher look. The customer didn’t want a reflective look on their home and decided a frosted window film would be the best fit. From there, our sales team showed them samples of different frosted window films they have. There are some frosted window films that are more opaque than others. At the end of the day for their bathroom window privacy film, they went with a standard frosted window film. They had maximum privacy surrounding the Jacuzzi tub, the heat was reduced, and they didn’t lose any space. They were really happy with the results of the installation. If the customer decides later on down the road that the don’t want the bathroom window privacy film and they want the ability to see out of the windows, they can easily remove it with no damage to the glass. In addition to bathroom window privacy film, Solar Art also services solar film, custom graphics, anti graffiti film, security window film and exterior building wraps. If you are interested in getting bathroom window privacy film installed to your home, contact Solar Art today for a free window film quote! 

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