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How to Reduce Heat In Homes, Without Changing The Aesthetics

Different Ways to Reduce Heat in a Home

We work hard for our homes and want to make sure they look great while also keeping us comfortable. Windows are a major focal point of a home, as they let in light and optimize views. According to the Department of Energy, “In cooling seasons, about 76% of sunlight that falls on a standard double-pane window enters to become heat".  Glass lets the sun’s radiation pass through and the heat gets trapped inside your home. Just like a parked car in the sun, a room gets really warm, really quick. The trick to cooling your house is to prevent the sunlight from ever passing through your windows at all. There are different ways to reduce heat in homes. Some of which will change the aesthetics of the home, while others will not. 

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10 Signs You Might Need Window Film

10 Signs You Might Need Window Film

  • You want to cool your house without having to use air conditioning
  • You need to temporarily hide an area that is under construction
  • Your office/home walls are bare and you are looking for something that could spruce them up
  • Office computers have glare from afternoon sun
  • You are looking for a way to prevent your glass from being tagged
  • You want to get rid of blinds and enjoy your view with comfort
  • Your neighbors can see into your house and you need some privacy
  • You installed artificial turf and the sun is burning it
  • You want to help prevent intruders
  • You need a distraction on your glass

Ways Window Film Can Improve Your Space 

Window film is not a common everyday topic that people know a lot about, but can be a solution to many different problems. Window film is used for a multitude of reasons including reducing heat, stopping glare, privacy and decorative purposes. Here are ten reasons you might consider using window film:

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