A Look Into Decorative Privacy Window Film

Jennifer Solar
March 1, 2019

What is decorative privacy window film?

Decorative privacy window film is a thin layer of polyester or vinyl film that is applied or installed on to a smooth, glass surface, like a window or door. This film is easily removable allowing you to change the look of your windows whenever you want. Decorative privacy window film comes in a variety of opacities, patterns and color options. Most commonly we see frosted window film and stained glass patterned decorative window film. It's many uses include privacy, light diffusing and decor!

decorative privacy window film frosted window film

Frosted Decorative Window Film

Frosted window film is a translucent film that blocks visibility but still lets in a percentage of the light. Frosted window film comes in a variety of opacities or shades from very light and translucent where you can still see a lot of shadows behind the film to completely opaque, white privacy film.

frosted window film decorative privacy window film

Stained Glass Patterned Decorative Window Film

Stained glass patterned window film is a type of decorative window film that mimics the look of actual stained glass. There are many colors involved and a variety of stained glass patterns to choose from. Like frosted window film, there are different opacities for you to choose from as well. Some allow in more light than others which allows you to choose a film that is right for your needs.

decorative privacy window film-stained glass SXEG-1033 Elite Visualizer

What is the difference between factory etched glass and frosted glass with decorative window film?

You may have noticed that some frosted windows have a texture to them. In this case, the glass is most likely factory etched. This means the etched/frosted look is engraved into the glass before installation. Decorative window film cannot be installed onto a textured surface like this. When you have factory etched glass, you cannot remove the frost like you can with a decorative window film applied to clear glass. You are essential stuck with the etched look of the glass unless you want to replace the full piece of glass.

decorative privacy window film

A benefit to decorative window film is that the film can be easily removed, with the help of a professional. Decorative film can also emulate that textured look that factory etched glass has! This is called Sand Blast decorative window film. Sand blast film has the sand or etched like texture of factory etched glass but has the benefit of removability and is a much more cost effective option. Decorative window film also rejects 99% of harmful UV rays!

Is Decorative Privacy Window Film a Cost Effective Option?

YES YES YES, the answer is yes. Let's take a look at the price of frosted glass versus frosted window film:

Replacement Glass Co. is a website where you can order the exact size piece of glass you need. We took a look at their frosted tempered glass prices. Now keep in mind, these are wholesale prices. A standard 36"x36" piece of glass costs $329.94 , before tax, shipping and installation. The suggested retail price is $495.00.

Decorative Films is a company Solar Art orders decorative window film from but consumers can also purchase their own film, at a higher price, on their website. Their standard frosted window film, Transparent Matte White, retail price for the same 36"x36" piece of film costs $28.50. Again, this is before tax, shipping and installation but the cost is 91% less than the piece of factory etched glass!

decorative privacy window film SXWF-TWM Transparent White Matte

I don't know about you but there are a lot of other things I'd rather spend $300 + on.

In conclusion...

Decorative window film provides a lot of options in terms of colors, designs, and privacy level. It is a much more cost effective option that factory etched glass. Decorative window film is also easily removable if you decide you don't want it any more or if you simply want to update the look of the window. Solar Art even offers a custom printing service that can take any pattern, image or design and print it custom on window film just for you! Contact us to learn more about our decorative window film options!

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