How to Save Money as a New Homeowner

October 8, 2018

Save Money and Prevent Fading to Offset the Cost of Your Mortgage

Solar filmFor new homeowners, the excitement of moving into a new place can easily fade when the bills and payments come every month. Southern California is an expensive place to live and one of the biggest financial pinches for homeowners is the mortgage. There are other areas that bleed out money every month like utilities, maintaining home furnishings, and more.

Why is my electric bill so high?  

The sun costs homeowners a lot of money over time. Electric bills during the summer can skyrocket into hundreds of dollars every month. When you combine that with your mortgage payment, that’s a good chunk of change you could spending elsewhere.

New homeowners also lose money by replacing sun-faded furnishings. During the summer, longer days with stronger sunlight means increased exposure to the sun’s invisible UVA and UVB rays. This UV radiation contributes 40% to sun-fading. Sun-fading is just the first sign of permanent damage to your belongings. Softer materials like carpets, wood flooring, curtains, and synthetic materials are at a higher risk. Nothing spoils your decor like an awkward rectangle of sun-faded carpet when you change your rugs, right?

Solar Film to Prevent Damages from the Sun 

Sun fading

As a new homeowner, you want to enjoy your home. You don’t want to think about replacing carpet that’s supposed to last for years, or running the AC all day during the summer just to stay cool. Thankfully, installing solar film is an easy, affordable solution. As windows heat our homes the same way a parked car gets hot in the sun, you want to prevent the sun from ever entering your home to start with. Heat-reducing window film helps to block over 75% of the light and heat from outside, which translates into cooler rooms and sometimes avoiding the AC all together. Window films like those from Solar Art also help block 99% of the sun’s UV radiation which adds a massive layer of protection against sun fading to your belongings. With solar window film, you can enjoy your new home during the summer and throughout the year while also making it more affordable all-around.

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