How to Save Money With Window Film and Rebates

October 1, 2018

Energy Rebates in Southern California

Energy Rebates Southern California

In recent news, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) has unveiled new energy rebates for homes with insulation installed in attics. The hot south land summers hike the cooling energy needs through the roof at peak times of the day and this means we all suffer as the energy grid struggles to keep up.

Benefits of the Insulation Rebates 

The rebates are meant to lower the energy grid stress by ensuring as much of the cool air is kept in the home as possible. Attic insulation can go a long way towards buffering the home against the heat outside while trapping cool air inside. Not only will this help the entire city of Los Angeles, but it will save homeowners money by using the AC less while getting rebates on top of it. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Window Rebates and Incentives

Window film installation

Roofs aren’t the only area we lose energy to during the summer. According the Department of Energy, “improving your windows’ efficiency may be the most cost-effective option to ...  save money on energy costs.” You can easily improve the efficiency of your windows by installing heat-reducing solar film. Solar films, like those offered by Solar Art, work by blocking the sun’s light coming through your windows without changing the appearance. Conveniently, window films can improve cooling performance while also qualifying your home for energy rebates. Finally, window film is the first window attachment to be rated by the National Fenestration Rating Council to help homeowners determine which window film best suits their specific energy-saving needs. Window film is rapidly becoming a more widely-known treatment for enhancing windows’ energy efficiency.

LA is known for its beautiful, sunny days and there’s no reason that its weather should be so expensive. The insulation rebates enacted by the LADWP is a great step toward saving homeowners money throughout Los Angeles. When homeowners are considering ways to reduce heat in their home and save money, they should consider both keeping the cool air in with insulation and also keeping the heat out of their homes with window film. Window film is a great way to help attic insulation work more efficiently and make our homes more comfortable.

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