How Window Film Can Help With Pet Damage

September 3, 2019

Anti Graffiti Film For the Win! 

Anti graffiti film

We love our pets and, while they’re usually great housemates, pets can cause damage around the home, which is a real concern for homeowners and renters. Chewing, clawing and scratching are typical kinds of pet damage that can severely damage glass windows and doors.

I don't know about you, but whenever I leave the house, my dog gets severe separation anxiety and goes straight for scratching the glass door and pulling up my carpet. Scratched glass is unsightly and the damage should be replaced. We know our pets don't mean to do damage or cost us money, but at the end of the day, replacing glass can be very expensive. A simple solution to protecting your glass from scratches and clawing is to have anti graffiti film installed to the glass throughout the house. Let’s read more about anti graffiti film and how it can protect your glass!

Is your glass scratched? Anti graffiti film can help!

Glass is beautiful but delicate and when it gets scratched, the damage is permanent. Business owners have used anti graffiti film for years to protect their beautiful glass surfaces and attract the maximum amount of customers. What people don't realize is that this innovative film also works great when installed to homes to protect windows from our pets!

You’ve probably heard of heat blocking window film for your home, but what about anti graffiti film? Anti graffiti window film is a protective layer of window film that’s thicker than standard solar film. Anti graffiti film can be applied to glass or Stainless Steel surfaces and protects it from any damage done to the windows while your glass stays flawless.

If the anti graffiti film does get clawed or scratched, it can easily be removed and replaced with a fresh new layer-making your glass look brand new. Do note that if you’re looking to make your windows resist shattering, you’ll want security window film!

How does anti graffiti film work?

How does anti graffiti film work?

Installing anti graffiti film is painless, quick, and affordable. When you ask for a quote, we will set up an appointment that works around your schedule. One of our sales representatives  will come to your home and measure your glass. We will quote you on the amount of film needed, and then our team will install the film without any mess or clean-up for you. Anti graffiti film is installed directly onto the glass just like standard solar film and starts protecting your glass right away!

How do our pets damage our glass?

Now that you know how anti graffiti film works, let’s talk about how anti graffiti film can help you.

Pets, like cats and dogs interact with all aspects of our homes, including our windows. We obviously can’t be home all the time, and when we're gone our pets might paw at windows and we aren’t there to stop them. Like I mentioned earlier, dogs also scratch at windows due to separation anxiety while the family is out. You might see this damage on the lower three feet of your glass windows and doors. This damage can’t easily be repaired to its original condition.

The benefits of anti graffiti film

The major benefit of anti graffiti film is that you can replace it for a fraction of the cost of replacing the glass window itself. For small windows around the home, the savings are phenomenal. Many homes have doors with oddly-shaped window panes that are hard to replace, and protecting those glass surfaces with window film can save you tons of money.

The other hidden benefits of anti graffiti film is the time and effort that goes into it. If your windows get damaged, you might want to run out and fix it right away. You have a few other options like DIY glass repair, but you’d need to apply those fixes every time your windows get scratched,and to every scratch. Anti graffiti film  protects your glass 24/7, even when you’re asleep or not at home.

Finally, optically-clear anti graffiti film will not reduce the light that enters your home or block your views at all. We install the anti graffiti film so that the edges aren't noticeable, so you won’t know the film is even there… your windows are protected around the clock.

Stainless steel anti graffiti film options

Metal Shield window film

We also offer a product called Metal Shield, which is perfect for protecting your stainless steel surfaces in your kitchen from excited pets. Refrigerators are expensive, so why should you worry about permanent ugly scratches in your beautiful kitchen? Cover that steel door with a product called metal shield! Metal Shield is applied exactly the same as standard anti graffiti film and offers the same benefits, the only difference is it just goes on Stainless Steel surfaces.

Solar Art Window Film

In the end, anti graffiti window film is an affordable method to protecting your glass windows from damage by your pets, even if they don’t mean to do the damage in the first place! Your windows, your wallet, and your pets will all thank you. Talk to Solar Art today about protecting your glass surfaces from excited, frantic pets and start saving money with anti graffiti film!

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