How to Keep Your House Clean With Kids

October 22, 2019

Having a Clean House with Kids 


Kids. Cute and adorable, but can also be very messy. How to keep your house clean with kids is a question I am sure a lot of parents face. While I don’t have children of my own, I feel like parents are stuck between having nice things in their home and running the risk they get ruined, or simply only have kid friendly furniture in their home. There are so many easy things people can incorporate in their homes to make it both kid friendly and adult friendly. I understand you might not have a huge budget for child proofing your home, so I came up with a few easy tips you can try and incorporate to get the best of both worlds. Let me know what you think!

Protect glass with security window film

No matter what the age, at some point in their childhood, kids enjoy playing outside and playing sports with their friends. Don’t get me wrong, kids playing outside and getting off their phones is a wonderful thing. However, accidents do happen and before you know it a ball gets thrown through your windows. Glass gets everywhere, which is a huge safety hazard. Not only does glass get everywhere, but the glass shatters into a million pieces, which means you are left without a window until you can call a company to come and replace your glass.

Installing security window tint is a super easy and affordable way to help fix this problem. I’m sure at this point you’ve read one of our case studies or other blogs on security window film, and it’s because we are so passionate about it as a company! Security film is applied directly onto glass surfaces to protect it in case someone or something hits it. Typically, when we are talking about security window film, we are talking about intruders and natural disasters. However, security film would work perfectly if you are worried about a ball going through your glass. If you worried people are going to be able to see the security film or the look of your home is going to be changed, no need to be worried! Security window film comes in an optically clear option so your home’s look won’t be changed whatsoever. Unless you’re interested in that, then there are reflective and neutral options. Security window film helps hold the glass together in case someone or something does hit it. Containing the glass shards will not only protect your family members, but it will also hold the glass together so you can replace the glass and not have a gaping hole in your wall. For all the benefits and safety it provides, security window film is a very affordable option to protect your home and let your kids be kids when they play outside.

Protect glass with anti graffiti film


While we are on the topic of kids being kids, anti graffiti film can also be extremely beneficial in home settings. Typically, our anti graffiti film installations are to commercial buildings to protect against graffiti etching and more. But who says it can’t be installed to homes and work beautifully?! No one! It is a great solution if your kids are at an age where they are super active and running around. Glass is fragile and can easily be scratched by both kids and animals. Animals often cry to be let outside and scratch the glass with their nails. Your stainless steel kitchen appliances and mirrors also get used everyday and are very susceptible to scratches just like your glass. Either way, scratched glass and stainless steel is not very appealing to look at. The cost of replacing glass or your stainless steel appliances can get really pricey really quick and there is no guarantee they won’t get scratched again. 

This is where anti graffiti film comes into play. Just like security window film, anti graffiti film is a protective layer of film that is applied directly onto glass or stainless steel surfaces to protect against scratches. Anti graffiti film comes in different thicknesses, and the thicker the film, the harder it is to get through. This will significantly protect your glass and a huge benefit of anti graffiti film is that it's a fraction of the cost of replacing the glass itself. If your glass or appliances do get scratched, you can now have peace of mind that all you have to do is call up Solar Art to come out and replace the anti graffiti film with a fresh new layer. Our installation crew is easily able to remove the scratched anti graffiti film and replace it with a fresh layer with no damage to the glass or stainless steel itself.

Always have ample baskets and organizational storage


This one might seem obvious, but storage is your friend. Forget kids, adults always need more storage for their own stuff. Having ample baskets is not only a very easy, but also a very affordable way to have a clean house with kids. Having ample baskets gives you more places to put all of your child’s toys, and you know what that means right? If the toys are in the baskets they aren’t all over your floors. Win. Organizational storage is also a fun way to increase storage in your home. You can even make the storage baskets cute and stylish so your kids will enjoy using them. This will help keep your kids toys off the floor and keep your home looking clean at all parts of the day.

Make sure you have "kid space" 

Having kid space in the house is just a win for everyone. It’s a win because they have their own space away from adults and you have your own space away from the kids. Whether it's the kids having their own rooms in the house or a playroom, it's important for them to have a space of their own. It gives them a space where they can keep their stuff separate from your stuff and not worry about ruining anything. As you can imagine, this is great for you because it gives you an adult space of your own. A space where you can have your nice furniture and your nice things away from your kids where you don't have to worry about it getting damaged or ruined. 

Have durable furniture and material throughout the house


Having durable furniture is another really easy way to keep a clean house with kids. We just talked about having a kid space, and having durable furniture and material in your house kind of goes hand in hand with that. In those kid only spaces, have more durable furniture. Furniture where you don’t mind it really being used and eventually wearing down over time. In your adult only spaces, you can have your nicer furniture that you pick out. You can also have your kids help pick out the material used in their rooms or their playroom. This will make them feel like they are part of the decision making process and they might take better care of the furniture.

And That's How You Keep a Clean House with Kids

Like I’ve said throughout this entire blog, having kids sounds like a lot of work. They are active and can make keeping your home clean and looking nice for guests a really difficult task. Being a parent you probably have a lot going on and the last thing you want to think about is finding new ways to keep your home looking clean. I hope that I have provided you with a few cost effective and easy ways to let your kids be kids and still have a beautiful looking home that you worked so hard for! If you think security window film or anti graffiti film would be a good fit for your home and your family, contact Solar Art today for a free quote!

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