Solar Art Transforms the “Green Monster” into a Modern Masterpiece

November 26, 2013

variety before and afterThe New Face of the Green Monster

November 26, 2013

Los Angeles, CA. (November 26, 2013) — The Los Angeles High Rise once known as the “Green Monster” has been transformed into a Modern Masterpiece. Over the last 5 months Solar Art Window Film has taken on the task of resurfacing the building located at 11175 Santa Monica Blvd. into what is to be re-named the VARIETY Building.

Through the use of Solar Art’s Custom Exterior Film, the look of the entire building has been updated along with enhancing the glass efficiency to reduce the amount of heat coming into the building. This will not only increase the savings in energy for the building but improve occupant comfort simultaneously.

The scope of the work included installing Solar Art’s Custom Exterior Blue Film on all the vision glass along with a partner company that installed vinyl accents on the spandrel areas.

Solar Art’s CEO Matthew Darienzo says, "We are excited to have 11175 Santa Monica as our flagship project for the launch of our new exterior glass coating. We are hoping this will give building owners expanded options when looking to renovate or update the look of their existing buildings. Most buildings in California were built in the 70's and 80's and have very dated looks. Our product can enhance the look of the building while increasing the glass efficiency at the same time. Most owners don't want to spend millions of dollars to replace existing glass but they still need to update their building to attract tenants. Our product is a fraction of the cost of glass replacement and can be replaced to change the look any time."

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About Solar Art

Solar Art is Southern California’s largest window film installation company dedicated to providing energy efficiency in today’s new economic landscape. Solar Art Window Film is headquartered in Orange County, California with services from San Diego to Los Angeles. To learn more, visit the Solar Art Web site at

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