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Why I Hate Window Tinting

The Window Tinting Stereotype...

If there ever was a niche product, I would say window tinting fits the bill. When I tell most people I am in the window tinting business they sort of have a glazed look over their face. Their next question is usually asking if we also sell sound systems, curb feelers, and lower cars.  I usually just say no and refer to that purpley bubbled up stuff on the back glass of a car window and then they understand. Where else can you have hundreds if not thousands of moving billboards on the road advertising the failure of a product you are trying to sell?  It’s like having a national ad campaign on how much your product sucks.

Now, you could tell them that the technology in those films is 30 years old and completely different than what's available today. You could also tell them that these films are also used today to protect storefronts from graffiti, protect offices and business from break-ins, are used to create custom designs on interior office glass, and can also be used to change the look of an entire building. But after all that I would venture to guess the purpley bubbled stuff is what they will remember.

Is Cheap Window Tint Worth It? 

I don’t blame anyone in particular for the perceptions of our industry. The market makes those decisions on its own. If people will buy cheap tint thinking it's good by the dealer (or guy on the corner), then manufacturers will sell it. It usually always goes back to the saying you really do get what you pay for.

The funny part is I really don’t hate window tinting. I love it. Not like, growing up all I wanted to do was tint windows love it, but love it in a sense that it’s a great business. It’s simple, and while hard to demonstrate sometimes, the benefits are real and can be impactful. Although our industry may not be sexy or front page news most of the time, that’s okay. Because sometimes the most practical businesses are the ones that last the longest.

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