Types of Security Window Film

May 28, 2019

How Security Window Film Works

security window film types

Are you looking for an opaque window film or reflective window film that will also strengthen your windows to resist shatter? Privacy and security can go hand in hand, starting with durable solar security film and reflective window film!

First, let’s look at what window film is, as the term covers a wide range of products that meet a variety of needs. On the most basic level, window film is an adhesive film that coats a window with plastic lamination, which can be tinted, given reflective properties, or be optically clear. Window film can be tailored to serve different functions, such as blocking heat, preventing people from looking in windows, making windows stronger, or protecting them from vandalism. It’s easy to install, remove and offers a number of benefits.

Solar film is the most common type of window film. It blocks the sun’s UV light and heat from entering windows that normally pass through and warm up rooms. Nearly all of Solar Art’s window films offering UV blocking and heat blocking benefits.

Safety and security window film

If you’re looking for stronger windows, then window security film might be for you! Security film is yet another window film option that makes windows stronger by wrapping them in flexible, clear, plastic lamination to absorb shock and contain glass shatter. If the window does break--think of it as strong security glass at a fraction of the cost. While untreated glass fractures easily under pressure, security window film is thick yet flexible and makes a huge difference in how easily windows break.

You can get this window film without tinting or with built-in reflection. Clear window security film is convenient when you don’t want potential intruders to know your windows are protected. 

types of security window film

Reflective security window film

Reflective window film reflects the light from outside like a mirror, so that the window can’t be seen through. Some reflective window film is also known as mirrored film or one way mirror film, and are a low-cost alternative to specialized reflective mirror glass offering the same benefits. These films work best during the day when the light outside is brighter than the light inside.

storefront security window film

Solar security film for windows

Solar film is the most common type of window film that block the sun’s UV light and heat from entering windows. Nearly all of Solar Art’s window films offer UV-blocking and heat-blocking benefits. Beyond just sun blocking properties, solar security film combines the durability of standard non-tinted security film with the attractive tinting of solar film.

security window film for your home

Solar Art Window Film

Whether it's clear security window film, reflective security window film or solar reflective window film, Solar Art carries them all and is ready to help you in any way we can! Talk to a sales representative today about your different options when it comes to ways to make your windows stronger while also keeping people from seeing inside!

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