Increase Home Value with Solar Film

July 16, 2019

How to Increase the Value of Your Home With Window Film 

how to increase the value of your home

Selling your home? Great! Every homeowner wants to get the most out of the sale and pass the best possible property onto the new owner. While the common methods includes new paint and repairs, modern homeowners have new options for enhancing home values so they sell their homes faster. Heat blocking window film is one of those modern options. The Solar Art team are the home improvement experts--let’s talk about how you can use solar film to enhance your home’s value!

What are the benefits of solar film?

what are the benefits of solar film for windows

Why solar film? With untreated glass, light passing through your windows builds in your home through the day. Unless you pull the blinds, your house will get hotter as the day goes by. This means higher AC bills and stuffy rooms that you don’t want to be in.

Solar film blocks up to 63% of the sun’s visible light without any noticeable change in your window’s clarity. Our solar films also block 99% of the sun’s UVA and UVB light. By preventing the heat from ever passing through your windows, these window films immediately make your rooms cooler and more comfortable while also reducing your AC bills. By taking the initiative to install solar film, you are making your home much more attractive to potential buyers.

The term “solar film” covers a big range of different kinds of film that have very different features! However, all of them cut the sun’s heat. Let’s explore a few, such as dual reflective window film, ceramic window tint, and neutral window film.

What are the benefits of dual reflective window film?

dual reflective window film

Dual reflective window film makes the best use of your windows by giving you privacy on the outside by reflecting the outside like a mirror, but also reducing interior reflection so you can see outside your windows at night.

What are the benefits of ceramic window tint?

what are the benefits of ceramic window tint

Ceramic window tint is a great option for windows where privacy isn’t a concern, but you still want the heat-cutting benefits. Ceramic window tint is also great for homes near the ocean, as the salt sea air won’t corrode the metal-free, nano ceramic technology. Ceramic window tint features minimal tinting, so it won’t significantly change your glass’s appearance, but you’ll feel the difference.

What are the benefits of neutral window film?

what are the benefits-of-neutral-window-film

Neutral window tint is another solar film that offers as much cooling and money-saving benefits as dual reflective, but you’ll never know it’s there. Neutral window film’s soft, neutral appearance is also a great option for when you don’t want film to color the light coming through your windows.

Solar Art Window Film

No matter which film you choose, your rooms will be cooler and save you (and any future buyers) money. The level of privacy is up to you, depending on the windows’ location and who’s around. Talk to Solar Art today about enhancing your home’s value.

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