Solar Art Employee Spotlight - Meet Jill Boultinghouse

October 5, 2022

Solar Art Employee Spotlight - Jill Boultinghouse

As companies grow, culture becomes even more critical. Solar Art’s focus on people since the beginning is not only the right thing to do for its employees but it’s good business.

If we were to point to one reason for our success, culture would be number one. Never perfect, and always a work in progress, a positive culture can be the heartbeat of a company.

In this employee spotlight we would like to recognize our CPO, responsible for building and maintaining Solar Art’s amazing culture.

Meet Jill Boultinghouse, Solar Art’s Chief People Officer. Her favorite thing about working at Solar Art is the joy we create around the work that we do. To know how to do something well is to enjoy it, and seeing the team excel is both rewarding and exciting to see as the company grows.

Jill elaborates, “Supporting our great team at Solar Art is amazing.  We work hard to get it right. I embrace the challenge of being a partner to everyone on our team.  I think the formula to our success is authentic people who embrace change while working hard together for our customers.”

Jill has her Masters Degree in Psychology and is a licensed mental health professional.  She has 20 years experience working with others as a coach and mentor. 

She has worked in both the non-profit and for profit sectors with a passion for improving the lives of others.Thank you Jill for making Solar Art such a happy place to work!

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