Decorative Window film for West Coast University in Irvine, CA

Jul 27, 2021 2:25:46 PM

Decorative Window Film in Irvine, California

Solar Art installed decorative window film at West Coast University in Irvine, California! There was a set of offices in one of the buildings that were severely lacking in privacy.  The doors and windows are glass from floor to ceiling and allow everyone to fully see into the office spaces. If an important meeting or discussion is happening, everyone can see right in and there is no confidentiality. The customer was looking for a way to increase privacy in these offices without having to fully cover up the glass. This is a repeat customer that has done work with Solar Art in the past, so he decided to call us up to see if this project was something we could help him with!

Solar Art's Goals

Solar Art’s goals for this project were to help the customer find a solution to their privacy issue with window film. To do this, one of our sales representatives would ordinarily go onsite to meet with the customer, take exact measurements of the glass in question, and show the customer samples of the different options available. However, the customer wasn’t comfortable with meeting in person due to Covid-19 so we did a virtual consultation. The customer provided our sales representative with the measurements of the glass and our sales representative talked with him over the phone to learn the details of the project and make some window film suggestions. While talking with the customer on the phone, our sales representative learned about the privacy issues in the set of offices. The customer explained that they were looking for a way to increase privacy at eye level to prevent people from seeing what is being presented or discussed, without having to fully cover the glass. When discussing the details of the project over the phone, the customer let our sales representative know that they wanted a window film that had a clean look and wouldn’t clash with the current aesthetic of the office space.

What Solar Art Suggested

After talking with the customer over the phone and learning about the project details, our sales representative was ready to make some suggestions. Since the customer’s main priority was to increase privacy, our sales representative thought a decorative window film would be the perfect fit. When it comes to decorative window film, there are many options to choose from. There are different frosted window films and patterned window films that all increase privacy. One of the customer’s requests was to have a window film that has a clean look and won’t drastically change the look of the space, so our sales representative thought a frosted window film would be a great option. From there, he sent the customer a few samples of frosted window film in the mail so he could take a look at them and choose the one he thought would look the best in the office space.


What the Customer Chose

Once the customer received the samples in the mail, he was able to sift through them and choose the one he thought would be the best fit for the office space. He agreed that a frosted window film was the best option and ultimately decided to go with a product made by Avery called “Etchmark.” This decorative window film is going to prevent people walking by from being able to see into the office space. It also has a clean and modern look that will keep with the current aesthetic of the office decor. Since the customer didn’t want full coverage, we installed a 24” band of decorative window film at eye level. This would still increase privacy without covering up all of the glass.  

Results of the Window Film Installation

Overall, this installation ended up being 126 square feet of decorative window film installed and took one of our installers 4 hours to complete. Overall, this project was a success! We were able to help the customer find a privacy window film option without covering up the entire piece of glass or changing the aesthetics of the space. In addition to decorative window film and privacy window film, Solar Art also services solar filmcustom graphicsanti-graffiti filmwindow security film, and exterior building wraps. If you are interested in learning more about decorative window film or think it would be a good fit for your commercial space, contact Solar Art today for a free consultation! 


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