Window Film Installation in San Francisco, CA to Stop Artificial Grass From Burning

Sep 9, 2021 8:02:22 AM

How to Stop Artificial Grass from Burning

Solar Art installed window film to prevent artificial grass from burning at a home in San Francisco, California. California often gets little rain each year and is frequently in a drought. California homeowners and business owners throughout the state often try to conserve as much water as possible and turn to artificial grass as a solution. Artificial grass is easy to install and can conserve around 22,000 gallons of water each year! The one problem with having artificial grass installed to your home or business in California is that the intense heat we experience year round creates a reflection off of windows and can actually burn the artificial grass. Solar Art has had several homeowners and business owners like this customer who have installed artificial turf reach out to see if there is any kind of window film that can prevent it from burning.

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Benefits of Solar Film for Artificial Grass Burning

Solar Art carries two different window films that can actually help prevent your artificial grass from burning from the reflection of the sun bouncing off of glass. Both Hanita and 3M carry a window film that can help with this problem. Optilite 75 is carried by Hanita and is a solar film that will significantly reduce heat and reduce glare. Exterior Prestige 70 is made by 3M and is an exterior solar film that is also an extreme heat blocking window film. Both options can help with artificial grass burning for an affordable price. This particular homeowner decided to go with the 3M Exterior Prestige 70 and were extremely pleased with the outcome of the installation. They were able to conserve water and help with the California drought without their artificial grass burning. All solar film blocks 99% of UVA and UVB rays and is easily removable with no damage to the surface. Solar Art has done numerous solar film installations for artificial grass burning to both homes and commercial buildings. In addition to solar film, Solar Art also services decorative window film, anti graffiti film, security window film, exterior building wraps and custom graphics. If you are interested in getting window film installed to your home or office, contact Solar Art today for a free quote!

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More and more people are installing artificial grass at their homes and are realizing it can actually burn from the heat reflecting off of glass. Certain types of solar film can help prevent this!  Contact Solar Art today for a free quote!

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