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3 Reasons Your Hardwood Floors are Fading

Why are your hardwood floors fading?

Hardwood floors are beautiful and can be the focal point of a room. Unfortunately, if they’re not cared for properly, those lovely, gleaming floors will start to fade and discolor. Fortunately, most fading can be prevented by simply adding window film. Windows are meant to help keep rooms from feeling stuffy and cramped, but they can also be the downfall of your hardwood flooring. Three of the most common reasons floors fade include:

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4 Ways Technology Can Make Schools Safer

Improving School Safety 

School safety is crucial, especially in today's society. As the need to protect children in school becomes a priority, school administrators look to technology for the answers. Technology offers many methods to help keep school children safe. Here are four innovative ways it can help keep students free from potential harm:

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